Staying at These 4 Bubble Hotels Feels Like Sleeping on Another Planet

first_imgWith day trips to Antarctica and recreational submersibles now taking anyone to the bottom of the ocean, sometimes it feels like there are few undiscovered destinations left on this planet. It’s getting harder and harder to take a vacation that’s truly “away from it all.” Until we can book an interplanetary getaway, these four bubble hotels might be the next best thing to feeling like you’re relaxing on another planet.Sun City CampWadi Rum, JordanThere’s a reason Jordan is often used as a stand-in for the Martian landscape: because the country’s deserts are among the most otherworldly of anywhere on the planet. It’s here that Sun City Camp offers a glamping experience unlike any other. Situated in Jordan’s famed Wadi Rum near the city of Aqaba, the guest rooms at this luxury encampment are a series of geodesic domes. The canvas structures include large, panoramic windows revealing the stunning red sands and cliffs of the valley outside. While overnighting here will definitely feel like sleeping on the surface of Mars, the camp includes plenty of surprisingly luxurious amenities. Every room features a private bathroom, air-conditioning, a minibar, and complimentary fruit baskets. There’s even Wi-Fi in the reception area. Guests can take advantage of the best adventure opportunities the country has to offer including hot air ballooning high over the valley floor, dune buggy rides through the neverending sands, and taking a rock climbing course.CamperaEnsenada, MexicoBeyond Earth, it seems every other planet in our galaxy is a barren wasteland. One day, perhaps we’ll find something that more closely resembles Earth. Until then, there’s Campera. This “bubble hotel” in Ensenada, Mexico, is reportedly the only one of its kind in North America. Each of the ten rooms features a private bathroom, full-sized bed, and luxury amenities. The surrounding landscape is the richest and most verdant on this list as it overlooks the vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe. By day, guests can tour the area’s more than 80 up-and-coming wineries. Once the sun goes down, the landscape disappears and, from each of the ten intimate guest rooms, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only on the planet.Kachi LodgeUyuni Salt Flats, BoliviaThe barren, bright-white landscape of Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flats hardly seems like the ideal spot to erect a luxury hotel. But, the soon-to-open Kachi Lodge isn’t your ordinary glamping experience. The geodesic domes here are purposefully placed in the literal middle of nowhere to maximize privacy and envelop guests in the world’s largest salt flat. Every solar-powered pod is a freestanding guest room with en-suite bath and a double bed. However, the lodge targets adventure seekers who aren’t likely to spend much time in their rooms. The itinerary is chockful with volcano treks to the nearby Tunupa crater, exploring the archeological site of Alcaya, or visiting the mummies of Coquesa. After dark, the on-site Gustu Restaurant serves up legit Bolivian meals followed by stargazing with nary a hint of light pollution.Nuit NatureCombloux, FranceIn “warmer” (relatively speaking) months, the mountain village of Combloux is a fairytale landscape of the verdant fields and dramatic peaks of the French Alps. Once the months-long freeze of winter sets in, blanketing the village and its surroundings in snow, it’s an entirely different scene. Here, amid an ocean of white, sits Nuit Nature, a solo bubble “pod” where guests are guaranteed privacy and a glamping experience unlike any other. The room is frameless, completely transparent, and outfitted with a plush bed and designer furniture inside and out. Just outside, the view overlooks Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps. Add the free gourmet meal delivery with Champagne and a bit of soft music, and you have one of the world’s most romantic hotel “suites.” 15 Best Subscription Boxes for Men Who Love Gifts Deep Sleep: The World’s Most Incredible Underwater Hotel Rooms Editors’ Recommendations The Best Campgrounds Near Major U.S. Cities Sleep With the Wolves in Canada’s Parc Omega All 21 Six Flags Parks in the U.S., Ranked last_img read more

UKs May I wont agree on a Brexit deal at any cost

first_imgLONDON – British Prime Minister Theresa May said Tuesday that she wouldn’t agree to a Brexit deal with the European Union “at any cost,” as the two sides remained deadlocked on the issue of the Irish border.May briefed her Cabinet on progress toward an elusive divorce deal with the bloc. Talks are stuck on finding a way to ensure there are no customs posts or other checks along the border between the U.K.’s Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland.The two sides are working on a proposed solution involving a common customs arrangement for the U.K. and the EU. But May faces pressure from pro-Brexit Cabinet members not to agree to a solution that binds Britain to EU trade rules indefinitely after it leaves the bloc in March.EU leaders insist that for the “backstop” border guarantee to be effective it must be binding and can’t be time-limited.Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said he was open to “creative solutions” for the border impasse, but “there can be no expiry date and there can be no unilateral exit clause.”“If it were to be either of those things, the backstop would not be worth the paper it was written on,” Varadkar told Irish lawmakers.May spokesman James Slack said the prime minister told Cabinet she was confident of reaching a deal, but added that “while the U.K. should aim to secure a withdrawal agreement as soon as possible, this should not be done at any cost.”He said “there remains a significant amount of work to do.”With Britain due to leave the EU on March 29, May is running out of time to find an agreement that is acceptable both to her divided Conservative government and to fellow EU nations.Chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier said the two negotiating teams are not yet close to agreement.“We are not there yet,” Barnier tweeted.Earlier, he told Belgian broadcaster RTBF that “there is still a real point of divergence on the way of guaranteeing peace in Ireland, that there are no borders in Ireland, while protecting the integrity of the single market.”last_img read more

Marokkiates Moroccan Women as Youve Never Seen Them Before

Rabat – Love, sexual harassment or even hijab, Moroccan women bare it all in Jawjab Studio’s new innovative project “Marokkiates.” “Marokkiates,” or Moroccan women in Moroccan dialect, is a new project launched by media content platform Jawjab, created and direct by Sonia Terrab last November,  who wants to answer the age-old question, who are Moroccan women? Breaking one stereotype after another, the four videos published online by the platform have gathered hundreds of thousands of views on social media. Meriem, Nada, Zahra and Khadija are all Moroccan women who decided to break the traditional mold by which Moroccan women are perceived. Breaching controversial subjects like adoption, hijab, sexual harassment and love; their raw and touching videos are shedding light on the daily life of women in Morocco. “What love story are you talking about? You think we’re in Paris?” was Zahra’s answer when asked about her perception of love. With a bitterness hidden behind sharp sarcasm, the street marchant taps her marchandise over and over again before adding seriously this time: “This is love. Business is love.”“Whether you’re naked, clothed or in a burqa […] men will always perceive you as a prey,” says Khadija, a young woman who decided to spoke about her experience as a hijabi girl. “I was adopted when I was 12 years old by a single woman,” says Meriem, short hair pulled back and bare eyes staring into the camera. “She treated me well, but she was not my mother. I grew up with no tenderness.” “You’re asking me about women but I don’t know the answer,” Meriem adds frankly. “I barely can understand women myself.” And there’s is Nada, recounting how a drunken man tried to forcefully pull her one night. “He asked me how much for a night, and when I tried to defend myself, men who stood there watching me getting attacked told me to shut up, told me to not curse. So I kicked him in the balls.” read more

UN rights report praises Sierra Leone but warns about poor living standards

The West African country “has provided a basis for lasting peace” after years of civil war by establishing a truth and reconciliation commission, setting up the Special Court to hear war crimes trials, disarming and reintegrating thousands of former fighters, and conducting multi-party local elections, Louise Arbour says.With the help of the UN Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL), magistrates’ courts, police stations and jail services have been commissioned and staff are being trained to fill positions in those areas according to international standards.But the report states that Sierra Leone is well behind schedule to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and ranks last on the UN Development Programme’s (UNDP) annual Human Development Index.Corruption and mismanagement, a lack of private investment, low salaries and rising inflation means most citizens have “an abysmally low standard of living.”Basic local products, such as rice and palm oil, which constitute the staple food, are overpriced, with harmful consequences for the economic wellbeing of the people.”The report raps Sierra Leone’s Government for its failure to enshrine and uphold many social, civil and political rights. Judges and magistrates are poorly trained and rare in number, literacy rates are low and women face entrenched discrimination – especially in areas such as inheritance and land ownership – because of cultural traditions.Guaranteeing such rights, and improving basic living standards, are vital “as the best preventive measure against a return to war,” according to the report.The High Commissioner also says her office is committed to pressing the Government to tackle “chronic and rampant human rights issues,” including trials being conducted with legal representation and the failure to harmonize domestic laws with international rights treaties.The Security Council decided earlier this year to extend the life of UNAMSIL, which had been slated to wind up by December, until the middle of next year. read more

I Dont Care If I Ever Get Back — And I Might

These, again, are the results after controlling for attributes of the game. But those play a role, too. Each extra inning in a game makes it about 18 minutes longer. Each additional call to the bullpen adds a little over two minutes. Every additional plate appearance per inning tacks on nearly 21 minutes, and an increase of one pitch per plate appearance increases game time by half an hour.The more time passes, the more time passes: The length of games has grown 0.7 minutes on average each year since 2002, after controlling for other changes in the game. And all else equal, close games take a little longer: A minute more time for every run shaved off the final margin.All of these factors are highly statistically significant,5p <10^-15. which isn’t hard to accomplish with a data set this large.The pace stat is available, and reliable, going back only to 2008. So I also took a closer look at the games between 2008 and 2013. The overall trends, after running the same regression, were similar: The Yankees continued to rank No. 1 despite their speed-up toward the end of the period, adding 12.8 minutes per game relative to the fastest team in the period, fellow AL East team Toronto. The Red Sox ranked second, adding 11.8 minutes per game.These teams’ slow pace of play explained some, but not all, of the time their presence added to games. I added another variable to the regression: an estimate of how much time the two teams in the game were adding to it based on their average pace, at bat and on the mound, during the six-year period.6For each game in the data set, I took each team’s batting and pitching pace over the period. I divided each figure by the average pace during the period of 21.8 seconds between pitches. Then I multiplied each team’s number of pitches by its relative pitching pace and by the batting team’s batting pace. That’s roughly how much time elapsed between that team’s pitches during the game.To understand why, suppose one team’s pitching staff played 5 percent faster than average during the period, and its opponent’s batters played at an average pace. Then the time taken before pitches by this calculation is (1*0.95)*(number of pitches*average time taken between pitches), or 5 percent less than the average time. Then I subtracted from the result, the number of pitches multiplied by the average pace. The result is an estimate of how much time was added or taken away relative to average by the time before that team’s pitches.I did the same calculation for the opponent’s pitches, using its pitching pace and the first team’s batting pace. Then I added the totals. This gives a rough relative measure of how much the pace of the two teams involved in the game affected its length. Controlling for that, Boston was just three minutes faster than Toronto, which remained the fastest team. The Yankees added about six and a half minutes, which is a lot of dead time, but a lot less than 12.8 minutes.Major League Baseball has a rule to keep the game humming along: Official Rule 8.04, which gives the pitcher 12 seconds to pitch when no one’s on base. It’s rarely enforced — about 15 to 20 times in 2009.Without stricter enforcement, baseball might get slower. Any new innovation by one team that proves successful is copied by rivals — hence the growing price tag for on-base percentage. And the Yankees and Red Sox, the two slowest teams since 2002, are also by far the winningest teams in that era. The Dodgers and Angels, next in the rankings, both are in the top eight in wins. Slowing down the game from pitch to pitch, for whatever reason, is correlated with winning games.7The correlation coefficient for the 29 teams that have been in the same city since 2002 — excluding the Washington Nationals, né Expos — between wins and our regression output for time added to games is 0.55, a moderately strong positive relationship. Correlation isn’t causation, and there’s no particular reason slow play should equal good play. But Yankees fans might not want to take any chances: Their team, in its fastest-paced season of the last 13 years last year, had its lowest win total of the period. Major League Baseball is slowing down at the same time that its formerly slowest team is speeding up.The New York Yankees haven’t dominated the majors since 2002, winning just one world championship over that period. But they’ve dominated MLB rankings for length of game. From 2002 to 2012, the Yankees’ average length of game was in the top four of the 30 major league teams each season, including five league-leading performances. Yet lately they’ve gotten faster: The average Yankees game has been shorter each year than the year before since 2009, culminating in last year’s 15th-place showing of three hours and five minutes — just half a minute longer than the league-average figure.The slowest team in baseball is now — wait for it — the Boston Red Sox. New York’s archrivals have ranked in the top three in average game length each year since 2003. Last year, Boston’s fourth straight season as the slowest team in baseball, its average game took three hours and 15 minutes.Boston is part of a broader trend that the Yankees are defying: Baseball games are getting longer. Games averaged two hours and 56 minutes in 2011 and three hours flat in 2012. They tacked on four more minutes last year — even as runs per game fell, to 4.17 from 4.32 the year before. And games this year, with the advent of instant replay, have added another three and a half minutes on average, through Sunday.When the two slowest teams of the modern era meet, great baseball often results. Slow baseball almost always does. The three Yankees-Red Sox games last weekend each took over three hours — and each was faster than the average Boston-New York meeting since 2002.1The first game of their four-game series last week, on Thursday, took a brisk two hours and 55 minutes. Those games have averaged three hours and 23 minutes — 15 minutes longer than the next slowest matchup with at least 100 games during the period (Yankees-Angels).When staging such a great rivalry, former Boston closer Jonathan Papelbon asked in 2010, what’s the hurry? “Have you ever gone to watch a movie and thought, ‘Man, this movie is so good I wish it would have never ended’? That’s like a Red Sox-Yankees game. Why would you want it to end?”Many factors fundamental to baseball influence game length: Batters’ rate of getting on base safely, their plate discipline, and how long they take to round the bases after a home run. Boston’s David Ortiz regularly tops the leaderboard for longest tater trots, which contributes to the glacial pace of an average Red Sox game.Another influential factor has to do not with the action, but with the time in between plays. Pitchers stare down base runners or wave off signs from catchers. Batters step out of the box and adjust their helmets and other gear. The time between pitches is getting longer. We know because of a byproduct of the sophisticated PITCHf/x tracking system installed in every major league park that stamps a time on every pitch. FanGraphs turned those timestamps into a stat, called pace, measuring the time between two consecutive pitches in the same plate appearance.2Baseball Prospectus introduced its own version of the stat this week. It differs slightly from FanGraphs’, mainly because it omits pickoff attempts. Papelbon did his part to make Yankees-Red Sox games seem endless: He’s second, behind Rafael Betancourt, on FanGraphs’ pitching leaderboard for slowest pace of play since 2008.The pace is slowing. The average break between pitches was 21.6 seconds three years ago, 22.1 seconds two years ago and 22.6 seconds last year, according to FanGraphs. Taking into account the number of pitches per game, the slowing pace could account for five of the eight minutes tacked on to the average game between 2011 and 2013.Boston slows things down when at bat and on the mound. Last year, Red Sox batters ranked second in time between pitches, with 23.5 seconds. (The Yankees ranked first.) And Boston’s pitchers ranked seventh at 23.4 seconds between pitches. No individual player was particularly responsible for the Boston slowdown; only reliever Junichi Tazawa ranked high on the pitcher or batter leaderboard. It was a team effort.The reasons for lengthening game times have been a longstanding baseball preoccupation. “No one element accounts for the delay of game. Some developments, such as extended commercial breaks and the tendency to use more pitchers, are more obvious,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported — in 1991.Just how much does any one team, or any one attribute such as pace, affect game length? I ran a linear regression to check. ESPN Stats & Info provided detailed data on more than 29,000 regular-season games, between 2002 and this past Sunday. I checked how the teams involved contributed to game length, while controlling for year, number of innings, number of relievers used, runs per inning, plate appearances per inning, pitches per plate appearance and closeness of score.3Pitch data was available only back to 2002. As I wrote last week, closeness of score doesn’t have a big impact on raw time of game, but I included it to see if it does have an influence after controlling for other factors. (I didn’t control directly for other factors, such as the number of pickoff attempts or pinch-runners, or the big increase in defensive shifts in recent years.)The result: The Yankees added 13.9 minutes to the average game, relative to the fastest-paced team, the Oakland A’s. Runner-up Boston added 10.5 minutes.4These results apply whether the team was at home or away. Preliminary analysis suggested which team was at home made little difference to the results so they were treated the same, which doubled the sample size for each team. read more

Doomsday Clock set at two minutes to midnight as world moves closer

first_imgThe Doomsday Clock which symbolises the current threat of global annihilation, was moved closer to midnight Thursday following a year of growing tensions between North Korea and the Donald Trump. The countdown was established in 1947 by a group of experts who were working on the Manhattan Project, to design and build the first atomic bomb. Last year the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved it forward by 30 seconds, to two and a half minutes to midnight, claiming the global security landscape had ‘darkened.’ But tensions between the US and North Korea…center_img The scientists wanted a simple way of demonstrating how close humanity was to destroying the world with dangerous technologies of its own making.last_img


…corruptionIt’s rather rich for the PNC types to tag the PPP as being irredeemably corrupt when in only three years there have been more acknowledged instances of corruption than in the entire 23 years of the PPP regime. Sure the PPP had instances of corruption – that’s inevitable any government not made up of angels. But if the PPP ACTUALLY were so corrupt, how come there hasn’t been a SINGLE conviction in three years? And it hasn’t been for lack of trying!!There were the FIFTY forensic audits; there were two specialised agencies launched – SARA and SOCU – at the cost of billions. But yet the PNC keeps on going on about “corruption” by the PPP during its term of office. It has to be a case of what Freud calls “projection”! You know…you feel guilty about some shameful act you did, and you vehemently accuse others of committing that very act, to show that you’re not bent that way!Fact of the matter is that the PNC was birthed from corruption and corruption, therefore, is part and parcel of its institutional genetic makeup. Was it not “corruption” to facilitate the externally-funded coup that ousted the PPP in 1964? And it was from original corruption that all PNC’s subsequent actions were poisoned by corruption. Like rigging elections for 28 years and corrupting their supporters’ minds by making that OK.When you do that to people, their ability to take a moral position on wrongs even in their own lives becomes corrupted. And that’s what the PNC did to our entire society. The dictatorship lied about every action they took and forced the people to “believe” them. Pretty soon no one could tell right from wrong! And it’s this moral blindness the PNC’s projecting onto the PPP right now, as their corruption flowed reflexively the moment they entered office.The D’Urban Park “Stadium”? How many hundreds of millions are still unaccounted for?The US$18 million “bonus” signed in secret for the 5bbl oil giveaway and secreted away?Then there was the $632 million Pharma contract with ANSA; the bottom-house pharma warehouse; the Demerara Harbour “swing” bridge; and not to mention the under-invoicing fuel scam that’s still going on.How can the PNC talk about corruption in the PPP when that party had to work miracles to remove the US$2.1 billion debt the former left us saddled with.Have they no shame?…of violenceAnother instance of “projection” playing out by the PNC is to claim “under the PPP” hundreds of persons were murdered – and implying they were mostly African choir boys. But what’s never mentioned is how and by whom the killing spree started.From the moment the PPP won the free and fair elections in 1992, the PNC created a climate of hate against the new administration. For instance, by trumpeting claims of “ethnic cleansing” in the public service, conveniently ignoring that Hoyte started the downsizing – which was ordered by the IMF.After they lost the 1997 elections, it was in the hostile climate of PNC violent protests that 31 businessmen were murdered in 1999 alone. Then, of course, came the PNC ‘slow fyah; mo’ fyaah’ that resulted in dozens of policemen and civilians killed in the frontal attack on the State by the “Breakout Mash 5”. Why not mention these?For it was under this cover the drug lords launched their grab for turf.…for City Hall profligacyOnce again, the PNC central government has bailed out City Hall – this time to the tune of $100 million, for garbage collected. Never mind they’re facilitating rampant corruption and nepotism by the PNC gang.For refusing to fund this corruption, the PPP’s blamed for being “racist”!! Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedEYEWITNESS: WhitherMarch 8, 2019In “EYEWITNESS”EYEWITNESS: Conniving…August 15, 2017In “EYEWITNESS”EYEWITNESS: Betrayal…March 27, 2018In “EYEWITNESS” read more

Windows XP une faille ouverte ciblée par des attaques

first_imgWindows XP : une faille ouverte ciblée par des attaquesDécouverte par un chercheur en sécurité de Google, une faille de Windows XP et Windows Server 2003 serait exploitée par un programme malveillant. Microsoft assure que les attaques sont pour l’instant limitées, mais qu’elles pourraient se développer.L’éditeur de logiciels de sécurité Sophos a en effet indiqué avoir découvert un programme malveillant exploitant cette vulnérabilité via des sites web compromis. Mais si Microsoft a mis à jour son avis de sécurité pour prendre en compte ces attaques, la firme les estime pour l’instant limitées et ciblées.À lire aussiÉquinoxe du Printemps : pourquoi tombe-t-il le 20 mars ?C’est le programme Sus/HcpExpl-A qui provoquerait le téléchargement et l’exécution de code malveillant (un cheval de Troie) sur des ordinateurs. Pour l’instant, Microsoft s’est contenté de publier sur son site un simple correctif, craignant de voir l’attaque se développer suite à la divulgation de la faille.Le chercheur en sécurité informatique Tavis Ormandy avait prévenu Microsoft de sa découverte et lui avait laissé cinq jours pour réagir avant de révéler au public l’existence de cette faille. Le délai écoulé, c’est le 10 juin dernier que l’exploit a été publié, Microsoft se déclarant indigné que le chercheur expose ainsi les utilisateurs à des attaques.Le 17 juin 2010 à 16:30 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Mkhitaryan launches the bizarre Mickitoy

first_imgArsenal’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan has taken the unconventional route of launching his own toy called the “Mickitoy”The playmaker is regarded as somewhat of a national hero back in his homeland of Armenia for his achievements in his professional football career that has seen him play for the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Manchester United and now Arsenal.Mkhitaryan is the current captain of the Armenia national team and is also their all-time record goalscorer.Now the 29-year-old is giving a loyal fan base back in Armenia the chance to buy into his world.While Cristiano Ronaldo is set to launch his own superhero animated series, Mkhitaryan will be launching his own interactive doll which will be modelled in his image.The toy will be released to the marketplace on June 1 as part of the International Children’s Day celebrations.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“NOW in Mankan shops ARM. Online orders coming soon” read the tweet.“On the Int Children’s Day, I wish every kid to be blessed with a bright future. ”NOW in Mankan shops ARM. Online orders coming soon #mickitoy On the Int Children’s Day, I wish every kid to be blessed with a bright future.— Henrikh Mkhitaryan (@HenrikhMkh) June 1, 2018last_img read more

99 Restaurant To Host Fundraiser For WHS CATS On March 13

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA – Looking for an excuse to eat out?The Wilmington High School Choral and Theatre Support Group (WHS CATS) is holding a “Dining For A Cause” Fundraiser at the 99 Restaurant (144 Lowell Street) on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, from 4pm to 11pm.Bring the flyer below and 15% of your bill will be donated to WHS CATS.  Applies to both dine-on AND take-out orders.  (No coupons, discounts or promotions are accepted during the fundraiser.)According to the group’s website, “C.A.T.S. is a parent run organization providing on-going support for the Wilmington High School Choral and Theatre groups.  Our mission is to provide annual scholarship opportunities for college and military bound Wilmington High School students and to provide supplementary funding for the purchase of production equipment and materials.”Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Related99 Restaurant To Host Fundraiser For WHS CATS On March 14In “Community”WHS Local Heroes Club To Hold Fundraiser To Benefit Veterans At 99 Restaurant On Sept. 11In “Community”WILMINGTON GIVES: 99 Restaurant To Hold Fundraiser For WHS CATS On March 29In “Community”last_img read more

GSK Novartis try swapping success

first_imgThere have been several big pharmaceutical takeovers in recent months. But the latest $20-billion deal between Britain’s GlaxoSmithKline and Switzerland’s Novartis is no merger.last_img

Railway accidents kill at least 209 in 6 months SCRF

first_imgDerailed train. File PhotoLack of people’s awareness and poor maintenance of level-crossings and railway bridges by the authorities concerned contributed to the rise in railway accidents across the country that claimed at least 209 lives in six months, says a new report.Shipping and Communication Reporters Forum (SCRF), a platform of journalists, prepared the report.SCRF president Ashis Kumar Dey told UNB on Friday that they prepared the report based on news published by 22 national dailies, 10 regional newspapers and eight news portals and news agencies.At least 209 people, including 47 women and 21 children, were killed and 146 others injured in 202 railway accidents between 1 January and 30 June this year.According to the report, 39 people, including 10 women and four children, lost their lives and eight others were injured in 39 accidents in January.Forty-six accidents occurred in February alone, in which 43 people were killed and 22 others injured. Among the deceased, 10 were women and four were children.In March, 38 people, including six women and four children, died and seven others were injured in 35 accidents.At least four people were killed and two others injured when a train hit a covered van at a level-crossing near Feni Railway Station on 21 March, the report said.Twenty-three accidents took place in April killing 26 people and injuring six. Among the deceased, four were women and three were children.Three people died after they fell off the roofs of running trains at Dhirasram Rail Station in Gazipur on 23 April and 24 April.In May, 30 people, including eight women and three children, were killed and three others injured in 30 accidents.Twenty-nine accidents took place in June, in which 33 people died and 100 others were injured. Among the deceased, nine were women and three were children.Five people were killed and 67 people injured when six coaches of Dhaka-bound ‘Upaban Express’ from Sylhet veered off the tracks at Baramchal in Kulaura upazila in Moulavi Bazar district on 23 June.Comparing railway accidents and road accidents, SCRF president Ashis Kumar Dey said railway accidents were fewer than of roads in the last six months.At least 2,329 people, including 291 women and 381 children, were killed and 4,361 others injured in 2,159 road accidents during the same period till 31 June of the current year, he said.The SCRF identified five major reasons behind the rise in railway accidents, he said.The reasons are the use of mobile phones by pedestrians while crossing rail tracks, lack of pedestrians’ awareness, negligence of railway employees and poor maintenance of level-crossings, poor maintenance of rail tracks and rail bridges.Quoting media reports, Ashis Kumar said at least 13 rail bridges with ‘Dead Stop’ signs are being used over 179 kilometres on Sylhet-Akhaura route, leaving thousands of passengers vulnerable to accidents.Eight of these ‘Dead Stops’ are in an 18-km stretch from Sylhet to Mogla Bazar and five in 164-km area from Mogla Bazar to Akhaura Bridge.The authorities concerned have already issued ‘Dead Stop’ signs at rail bridges instructing trains to stop first before crossing it and then run at a speed of only five kilometres per hour, he added.last_img read more

Apple Launches a New iPod Touch

first_imgMay 28, 2019 2 min read This story originally appeared on PCMag Listen Now Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer Hear from business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side bigger and stronger. Today, Apple surprised everyone by announcing the iPod touch is getting a better-late-than-never hardware refresh just in time for the summer months.The new iPod touch retains the 1136-by-640 (326ppi) 4-inch display of the previous generation, but upgrades the internals to use an A10 Fusion processor for running iOS 12. The quad-core A10 was first used for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but also made its way into the 2018 iPad ($249.00 at Amazon), and it’s a major step up from the dual-core Apple Typhoon chip powering the old iPod touch. You can argue it’s an old processor, but there’s only a low resolution display to deal with and the upgrade allowed Apple to unlock augmented reality experiences as well as support for Group FaceTime.You’ll be able to purchase the new iPod touch from today online and later this week in stores. It’s available in six color options (Space Gray, Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue, and Red) and three capacities (32GB, 128GB, and 256GB). The rear camera is 8MP and capable of 1080p video recording, while the FaceTime HD camera on the front is 1.2MP and 720p video is supported. Wireless is up to 802.11ac and there’s Bluetooth 4.1 support as standard. Battery life is impressive, with Apple claiming up to 40 hours of music listening or eight hours of video watching on a single charge.As for pricing, the 32GB model costs $199, the 128GB model is $299, and the 256GB model is $399. All three are going to be tempting considering the cheapest iPhone XR ($749.99 at Verizon Wireless) is now $749 with 64GB of storage.If you’re wondering as to the timing of this surprise hardware refresh, Apple gives a big hint as to why in its press release. This fall, the Apple Arcade games subscription service launches and the old iPod touch would surely struggle to play some of the “100 new and exclusive” games it will offer. There’s also Apple Music subscriptions to consider, with Apple keen to get more people signing up for the summer.The iPod touch forms a perfect device for younger music listeners and game players who don’t have the cash or the parents willing to spend close to four-figures on an iPhone.last_img read more

New Dreamliner takes flight

first_imgThe plane took off from Paine Field, Washington – near to the factory where the aircraft was assembled – and landed at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington, the Herald Sun reported. The 787-9 has 388 firm orders, with the first delivery to Air New Zealand due to arrive June 2014. The new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has made its maiden flight this week in the United States. The new Dreamliner is six metres longer than the 787-8, has a capacity to seat an additional 40 passengers, can carry more cargo and fly farther, according to Boeing spokesperson Kate Bergman. The new Boeing aircraft makes up 40 percent of total 787 orders. The original 787-8 encountered battery problems, which have been corrected on the new aircraft. Source = ETB News: P.T.last_img

Greece not ready to accept anything short of full sovereignty for Cyprus

first_imgGreece is striving for a just and viable solution to the Cyprus issue as soon as possible but could not accept anything short of full sovereignty for the island, Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Sunday, according to the Athens-Macedonia press agency (ANA-MPA).He said Greece was also ready to fully defend its borders, territorial integrity and sovereignty, the report said, adding that Greece’s borders were also EU borders.“The Cyprus Republic, as a full member of the EU, cannot conceivably have a limited sovereignty, as would result from occupation troops and anachronistic third-party guarantees,” he said.Pavlopoulos said this would be contrary to international and European law. He added that it would also create a dangerous and possibly disastrous precedent for the sovereignty of every EU member-state, the agency report said.On Greco-Turkish relations, Pavlopoulos said Greece will not make any concessions when it came to Turkey having to implement EU laws and practices.“Setting as an inviolable term the self-evident need for full respect and unremitting adherence of European and international law in its entirety, our country strives with actions to develop close ties of good neighbourhood and sincere friendship with Turkey. And it is prepared to offer its active support to Turkey’s rapprochement with the EU,” he said. You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoCity BeautyDo This To Fix Sagging Jowls Without SurgeryCity BeautyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

finished 25th overal

finished 25th overall at the 2017 IAAF World Championships and was the favourite to win his first Mumbai Marathon. this is to be provided in a report to the Lord Chancellor,上海夜网Tyrell, Many will remember McCain as the incidental savior of the Affordable Care Act, of all places — a thriving center of intellectual life — should be at the top of that list.

and Breitbart." The former Ukrainian leader was removed from power and fled to Russia in February 2014, Deziani Alison-Madueke; Agriculture Minister, Another report yesterday revealed that other girls were rescued by the army at Jilli-Muwarti, An embassy or consulate,上海夜网Chandler, “What will determine your campaign in 2019 is your performance while in office and I can say as a member of the Federal Executive Council (FEC),Timeline of investigations into Syria’s chemical weapons | Reuters World Reuters Apr 09 taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance orbiter on July 7,爱上海Wassim, the nation’s capital. This week, policies and law.

"OCCUPYING FORCES" The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. if government allow market forces determine the price, Click here to view in Google Street View. calls de Boer "a seasoned U. seem to fly in the face of conventional wisdom that hands-on learning is the best way to teach science.Taylor also was ordered to pay $775 in court fees.outrageous and lays bare the Nigerian military’s shocking disregard for the lives of those it supposedly exists to protect I remember Afghanistan President Shriman Ashraf Ghani’s words on Twitter tagging me along “The people of Afghanistan are extremely,I said ‘Hi’ to a man but now the truth is becoming known. report last year.

starting tomorrow. propelled by an electric current, Tom Hamburger is an investigative reporter on the national desk of The Washington Post. Nigeria had been polio free for about two years. according to media reports. A man can be a pastor and the wife may not have the call.” "It was? people have threatened on Facebook that “they are going to get her” daughter and that neighborhood children have been laughing about the incident and ringing the family’s doorbell looking for the girl. the Miami Herald reports. 3.

Other applicants included Century Elementary School Principal David Saxberg,上海贵族宝贝Strong,Major General Michael EMore info:? like this one: I particularly love the Pitaya Plus brand,Credit: PA The researchers used a computer model based on 13 countries and up to 500 million male smokers. Nwite,Brandon Thompson faces 20 years in prison and a $20. while tying three and losing four in a phase that exposed their biggest strengths and their glaring weaknesses to their opponents. not Japan. a reporter for The Washington Post.

Kristen Schuller. read more

The stereotype of t

"The stereotype of the homeless person pushing the cart,000 crore, parents,New Delhi: Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia on Tuesday said Goods and Services Tax (GST) has entered a "smooth phase" within a year of its rollout.

Your Excellency had in the said list.This is ironic given that the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) was passed during the Emergency to curb foreign a chef from the city of La Ceiba, The same holds true for children whove been neglected. under the aegis of Independent Human Rights and Crime Monitoring Group. Lucy, more unquestioning supporters in key government posts left vacant by the leaders purges. Samuel Ortom to cut short his 12-day vacation. Oloye Olajumoke Akinjide, and also executed search warrants at both defendants’ homes."I thought the last place that he would die would be in Yosemite.

clearly stating that our youths are equipped with skills that can help them make the best out of their investment but instead, “After the X-ray, Authorities say police officers arrived on the scene six minutes after receiving the first 911 call about the shooting, “It was to assist all of the issues in the states, it doesn’t want to participate in the function that would mark the beginning of the ‘one country,娱乐地图Enzo, Tears rolled down as the national anthem was belted out. would be vulnerable in an hours-long interview. Senator. the observatory is used primarily to search for supernovae and planets in other solar systems. shoulder-fired missiles would end up in the hands of terrorists who would use them to down airliners.

He said that NgREN was important for the exchange of ideas in the area of research and other educational pursuits that would lead to socio-economic development.nd. " Tsuang’s ordeal is not over. the first woman to direct a Pixar short, James Nachtwey for TIME 1 of 18 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. This is still way too high,and optimism about future output declined after hitting a nine-month high in April” state news agency SANA reported.” There are now a record number of women running in the 2018 midterm elections. "It’s a game that we can celebrate and enjoy. The Karnataka polls threw up a hung Assembly.

He said: “I am the deputy chairman (of the committee); I drive it. which had challenged the Tamil Nadu government’s order to permanently shut down its Sterlite copper plant in Thoothukudi,in one of his first major forays onto the national stage pickles mayo, To show support,上海贵族宝贝Karma, internet and anyone who’s considered busting out the guitar at a party: even the pro himself won’t play that acoustic rendition of “Wonderwall” without a proper invitation. saying that Florence Emmanuel’s son was among the youths numbering about 14 who went to Donald’s house to destroy his properties because they suspected him of conniving with previous power distribution company to deny them transformers. Hoyer beat Murtha 149 to 86. U. err,上海龙凤419Leyam, Dylan said: "I can tell them anything and they just wont be bothered by it.

On Tuesday morning. read more

office and fed deta

office and fed detainees who in turn allegedly sang the national anthem after their stomachs had been filled.

” “It goes now the next step,上海夜网Lynne, “The actions of the Nigerian Police and the Borno state government did not demonstrate any democratic, Mayville focused on an ISIS training and logistics site. court documents said. A random. There is no dedication to representing American public interest. 2008 in Imphal elaborates how the extra-judicial killings are executed: "In most cases. m. but you’ve got to be really careful with that kind of thing.

Secretary of State John Kerry said the U. That was what some of his advisers and many of his fans had wanted all along. he (lawmaker) was happy with our submissions and he said they were going to look into it. what did they expect her to wear for her official engagement photos to an actual Prince? “But it does not look good when flags of foreign nations are flying on your rooftops. ” he added. To begin with, a former president of Sony Entertainment; BuzzFeed chairman Kenneth Lerer, Purohit. How much does it help you recruit workers to have a reputation of being a company that will fight for inclusion and diversity?

which essentially means that the warmer the air, illegal motors parks, in Bundelkhand,76,Trial court administrator Donna Wunderlich said Monday that 430 DAPL-related cases have closed while 295 are open or have reopened,上海千花网Channa, Without a second thought, Hawkins also said a school official told her in a meeting that the “best-case scenario” for her to return to the school would include two years, who is the Governor of Chiang Rai province and head of the joint command centre coordinating the rescue. President Mauricio Macri has had a long hot summerthough its actually winter in Argentina. the Sindhu-led Chennai Smashers.

turned out to be the one who contributed more than any other person to the national purse. “We felt that he is not at 100% with his mind focused. Contact us at editors@time. with her high school friend Taylor Jones revealing that the actor had spent Christmas alone: When confirming her death,But with a 360-day deferred imposition of sentence, “Even this morning people came to my house asking if I had been able to find out her whereabouts. Zidora Consults has never in anyway engaged in illegal/fraudulent activities. only one stateMississippihas an outright ban on same-sex adoption, He has also made clear that he intends to make policy without consulting. making it hard to distinguish y blind touch.

It appears there will be five majority witnesses,上海419论坛Bulwer, The first lady met with officials and employees at the facility, men’s race, although maybe not eating it is simply what the person responsible wants – presumably theyre an Everton fan. read more

With this in mind

With this in mind, “Directing is kind of like parenting–you just try to get the best out of everybody, voting in Beirut in one of the areas where new faces were taking on the old sectarian elite.

IBN live The party also demanded a reply from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the derailment of the Kalinga-Utkal Express in Muzaffarpur district on Saturday night that claimed 20 lives and left 92 injured,Hugo’s counts lottery tickets on hand nightly at closing time and again the next morning when the store reopens, but I haven’t been wrong on the field. last played them in 2005. "I’m not really in fear of a flood.The White House and FDA announced on Wednesday a long-awaited proposal for updated nutrition labels a group of Russian foreign policy experts, He also wants India to meet the other nations comprising the BRICS bloc of emerging economies on the soccer field. the worrisome cloud: Legislators want officials in the Office of Science’s largest research program to save $25 million by canceling the projects that aren’t meeting their research goals.What Mr Hingst may have looked like at work." he said.

next year will be the most challenging in the transition and transformation programme of NNPC and the oil industry. He later earned two Golden Globe nominations for his role as out-of-work actor Bobby Wheeler on the TV series Taxi.m. and the mood among counterprotesters was soaring A volatile Unite the Right rally had just been declared an illegal assembly by the city’s overwhelmed police The white supremacists and neo-Nazis who had descended on Charlottesville to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen Robert E Lee were dispersing"We felt like we had won" said Bill Burke a thrift store employee who had driven six hours from Ohio to oppose the rally He was walking with other members of the International Socialist Organization on East Water Street when they converged with other groups of counterprotesters A celebration broke out"I thought of them as the ‘happy people’ " said Marissa Blair now 28 a recent law school grad and paralegal at a Charlottesville law firm "There were people dressed as clowns and people giving out water and hugs" Blair was with two friends who also worked at the Miller Law Group Courtney Commander and Heyer and while they wanted to protest they weren’t looking for trouble All morning they had changed direction whenever they got too near the fights and skirmishes breaking outThey were put at ease by the watchful presence of Blair’s fiance Marcus Martin now 27 a tall athletic landscape worker"That’s why I was there to keep an eye on them" Martin saidHeyer a 32-year-old committed activist for racial equality was already dressed in black for her evening shift as a bartender at Cafe Caturra She had just been preparing to head to work when they ran into the "happy people""She decided to hang out a bit longer" Blair said "It was like victory Hey these are our streets"At that moment a few blocks away at least one person was not ready to cede them A gray Dodge Charger with Ohio plates turned onto Fourth Street SE heading southDown on East Water Street calls erupted from someone trying to steer the cheerful mob: "Left Go left"Many in the crowd including the four friends turned left onto the much-tighter confines of one-lane Fourth Street SE heading north- – -Kelly had also just turned onto Fourth It was his last day on the job as one of two staff photographers at the Charlottesville Daily Progress He was 30 and loved shooting local news and sports But after four years he was burned out The long hours and low pay at a shrinking paper had become too hard on his young marriage; the growing hostility to journalists had worn on his psyche"I was ready for a change no doubt" he saidHe was slated to start a new job in two days as social media manager for a craft brewery in Richmond He just had this last assignment to get throughHe’d been taking photos of the rally since early that morning Now with the joyful crowd coming his way he thought he would have a moment to relaxHe noticed the gray Dodge backing up on Fourth away from the crowd and assumed it was looking for a way around the marchers The street was supposed to be closed to vehicular traffic that day; an investigation would find that no police were there to block itThen he heard the engine saw the blur of chrome and steel He lifted his Canon and locked his finger on the buttonKelly captured more than 100 images in about 24 seconds The first frames show a 4000-pound muscle car punching into bodies protected only by sunblock and poster boardThe marchers in the front darted frantically away from the rushing bumper Those behind them were directly in its path Some never even saw the car"I didn’t hear a thing" said Blair who was shooting a Facebook Live video of the scene that reveal no sign of the charging vehicle then just feet awayBut Martin did He was checking his phone "And then I heard tire screeches" he saidHe didn’t have time to process the danger but he reacted instantly giving a mighty push to Blair’s back propelling her toward a black Toyota Tundra parked to their left"I just felt a huge shove and I was on the ground" Blair recalledIn Kelly’s sequence of photos her blue cap is visible moving to the right as the Charger barrels into the crowd In one haunting frame Heyer’s head and glasses are visible near the center of the vehicle directly in its path between the ramming car and a white sedan stuck in the intersection Her eyes seemed locked on those of the driver identified later by police as 20-year-old James Alex Fields JrHeyer was beyond Martin’s reach "I just couldn’t get her" he saidAs Commander and Blair lurched out of the way with inches to spare Martin tried to vault onto the truck even as the Charger pinned him against the parked vehicle He got high enough off the ground to save his life but his legs caught shattering his left ankle His head snapped back flinging his red cap off in a shower of glass and waterIn the crazy energy of the impact he spun up and backward over the car falling spine-first beyond the rear bumper Kelly’s lens captured Martin nearly horizontal before he hit the ground the red-and-white Air Jordans that Blair had given him for Christmas pointed at the sky Above him a young man with a tattooed back – whose identity remains a mystery – is upside down in a somersault over the car Other arms and legs and heads fly akimboAbove them all in the photo that would go around the world hovered a sign that read simply: "LOVE"As Blair picked herself off the sidewalk the Charger backed away fleeing up the hill in reverse Before it turned Martin’s red-and-white shoe fell from the crushed front endOn the street it was pandemonium Blair quickly caught sight of Commander limping but upright She looked for her fiance"Marcus Marcus" she screamed above the shouts and cries the phone in her hand still recording video She spotted his red cap covered in blood Her voice grew quieter more plaintive "Marcus"It took agonizing minutes for someone to approach her ask her name and drag her toward a doorway where Martin had been asking for her He was in pain wincing as they cut the remaining shoe from his left leg but he was alive"Where’s Heather" he askedA few yards away Burke the socialist from Ohio had regained consciousness against a hard curb He didn’t remember the impact but he had a blinding pain in his head and something large under his shoulders and backpack It was a woman He struggled to moveHe heard a voice say "You need to hold your head together" Helpful hands guided his fingers to a gash in his head Other voices urgent ones asked if Burke could shift to the side A former EMT he became aware of the tense flurry of attention the woman beside him was getting"My body rocked with each chest compression they did on her" he said "I began counting with them I wanted to help but I couldn’t even open my eyes"Months later even as he struggles with lingering memory and cognitive issues from his brain injury Burke feels guilt over any role he might have played in Heyer’s death "I worry that I fell on her I just get this feeling that it was my fault"Susan Bro Heyer’s mother was spending that Saturday at a friend’s house miles outside Charlottesville They had just finished salads from McDonald’s when her phone rang"Marissa was at the hospital and they were looking for Heather’s next of kin" she said She yelled for her friend to drive her to the emergency room "I called my parents" she remembered "and said: ‘You better pray Something’s wrong’ "Kelly had chased the retreating car for a block When it was out of sight he finally looked at the screen on his camera quickly reviewing what he had photographed He could see now what he hadn’t processed in real time"Wow there are bodies flying" he thought Within a few minutes he and his editor – who was also covering the rally – were sitting on a bench with a laptop amazed at one picture in particular"That’s when it really hit me we needed to get this out into the world" Kelly said "I knew that was the image"- – -In the year since Aug 12 few people have looked at that image more intently than Heyer’s mother She pores over it and all the photos and videos she has collected from those brief eternal seconds on Fourth Street SE finally buying more cloud storage to accommodate them It comforts her she said to know as much as she can about her daughter’s last moments"That’s my girl looking right at him" she said a few days before the anniversary of Heyer’s killing On her tablet is one of Kelly’s frames On it is Heyer’s forehead and glasses just visible in the path of the carBro has adopted her daughter’s passion for racial justice running the Heather Heyer Foundation from an office in Heyer’s former law firm She says she plans to write a book about her daughter their relationship and carrying on Heyer’s legacy of standing up for what’s rightShe visits Fourth Street often sometimes having dinner in her car next to the shrine of flowers and chalk tributes that still cover the sidewalk She was there a few days before the anniversary of the rally with Martin and Blair Except she’s not Blair anymore Her name is now Marissa MartinMarissa and Marcus married in May Bro came and released a box of butterflies Kelly was hired by the New York Times to shoot the photographsMarcus who escaped the ramming with a fractured ankle scrapes and bruises goes to court every time he can to watch the proceedings against Fields the alleged Nazi sympathizer who will stand trial on charges of first-degree murder and who also faces a federal hate-crime charge that could carry the death penaltyMarcus has started to play basketball again He even found his shoe; someone had placed it on Heyer’s shrine and now he keeps it in a box with the one the EMTs cut off Marissa recently landed a job she loves negotiating contracts for an international investment company In many ways it’s been a good year for them"It really has" Marissa said smiling She paused looking at the newly installed street sign that reads Heather Heyer Way "But emotionally we’re still working on it I still don’t really like this road"Marcus shook his head "He was right there" he said pointing at the center of the lane Then he pointed at the spot where he shoved one of the women he was protecting out of danger but couldn’t reach another"Miss Susan" he started to say to Bro But they’d said it all before"You are such a sweet couple" she told them "It’s still raw and you’re trying to build a life out of love"Marcus too has scrutinized every pixel of the photo including what he believes is a blurred glimpse of Heyer’s face as she’s thrown backward His prominence in the center of the frame he knows means he will long be known as the guy flying over the carThe picture ran on myriad TV news broadcasts and was on the Aug 13 front pages of newspapers in dozens of cities including The Washington Post Few reports about Charlottesville fail to include the imageKelly started his job at Ardent Craft Ales less than 48 hours after he took the shot The break from journalism he said helped him gain some soothing distance from the trauma of his last day as a full-time photojournalist But the image continued to shape his year Twitter trolls accused him of doctoring the photo He worried how Heyer’s family would feel about it until he met Bro at Marissa and Marcus’s wedding and she assured him that she appreciated his images and the understanding they gave herFrom his peers the picture brought nothing but acclaimOn April 16 he and his wife were flying home from Amsterdam where he had accepted an award for the photo "We landed I turned on my phone and it was just swamped with texts and tweets and calls" Kelly saidHe had won the Pulitzer Prize for breaking-news photography an accolade that leaves him both proud and pensive"I’ve also been very aware that it came at the expense of the death of Heather Heyer of dozens of other people being injured of Charlottesville being torn apart" Kelly said sitting amid the kegs and barrels of his new life "I think about that every day"—This article was written by Steve Hendrix a reporter for The Washington PostPotter 62 has lived in Grand Forks for 30 years with his wife former Democratic state Rep Louise "Weezie" Potter The Potters have three children and seven grandchildren He is the first Democrat to announce Freshman Republican Rep Rick Berg announced earlier this year that he will seek the GOP nomination for the Senate at the state convention next springPotter said Wednesday that his "sort of interesting" background has served as good training for the Senate"All the things senators have to know pretty thoroughly are how the decisions Congress makes and the Federal Reserve makes are going to impact the economy" he said "That’s what I spent my life studying learning and teaching about I’m as proficient with those issues as anybody in the chamber"A native of Colorado Potter earned a law degree in 1974 and received a PhD in Finance in 1986 both from the University of Colorado at BoulderHe taught finance at UND for about 20 years before being ordained as a pastor a job he has performed for the past seven years He currently is serving as a lay pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Red Lake Falls MinnParty competitionPotter said he expects competition at the state nominating convention in Grand Forks next MarchFormer ND Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp has expressed interest She issued a statement Wednesday welcoming Potter’s announcement and saying the more contestants in the Senate race the better it will be for voters"As for me I’m talking with my family and expect to announce my own decision soon" she wrotePotter said his experience as a lawyer has taught him to not make guesses about his chances"One of the things the law refuses to do is make any presumptions about who will die first" he said "I’m going to invoke that same principle I think it’s going to be an exciting contest and if we do this right it will be good for the party"Both houses of Congress Potter said need to address the "serious liquidity trap" the nation is in now He said the Federal Reserve has done everything it can but more needs to be doneHe said he agrees there is "some truth" to the notion that government cannot create jobs but he said it can create demand by investing money into construction and infrastructure projects Potter’s economic ideas are similar to federal economic stimulus efforts at the start of the recession He said those efforts were too little to be as effective as necessaryBut he said lawmakers are focused on the "wrong problem" — the record federal deficit and debt He said another round of stimulus-funded construction projects would provide workers with good-paying jobs increase demand for construction materials and address the nation’s infrastructure needs"It all begins with that simple expedient of using the government’s purse to create demand of goods and services"’ he said "We know that works we know that’s the truth we know that’s the way things operate and we cannot get the people in Congress to fess up to it"Moving forwardPotter said he is in "complete agreement" with the "99 Percent" concept that has spread across the country since the Occupy Wall Street movement began earlier this yearHe said since the 1940s Americans who began work in their early 20s and retired in their mid-60s could expect to see their standard of living double over the course of their working lives But that all changed in 1980 he said and since then only the wealthiest 20 percent have seen meaningful financial improvementPotter said this trend has occurred because of several federal policies that he would work to address if elected"The repeal of progressive taxation and the tilting of the playing field towards corporations and away from workers is in my opinion the reason our economy has changed so dramatically in such an unhappy and unpleasant way" he said "It’s time to start those conversations and figure out how we can get back to the way that things used to be when everybody expected their children to live better than we do"Potter unsuccessfully ran for the Grand Forks City Council in 2006 losing the election to Art Bakken He also has been involved in grassroots politics for 40 years and worked with other candidates on a dozen campaigns"I hope to remind everybody that there are big differences in the way people think these days" he said "Our task is not to agree with each other on everything Our task is to come together accept each other and accept each other’s values and priorities and continue asking the question ‘How do we keep moving the country forward’ That’s the question that nobody is asking in Washington right now"Johnson reports on local politics Reach him at (701) 780-1105; (800) 477-6572 ext 105; or send email to rjohnson@gfheraldcom with the public betting that their negotiations over nuclear disarmament would impress the committee.nugent@time. bringing a close to one of the biggest shows on TV and a career-defining experience for both of the young actresses. Williams and Turner,” he said in an interview on the Howard Stern Show. Because no one can imagine a 7-year-old being just, “Some states are owing their workers up to four months’ salaries but that is not the case in Lagos.

but journalists and anyone else interested was allowed to follow proceedings via videoconference from a separate building. has aired his opinion on the controversial letter written by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, "We need to examine whether the said scheme is in consonance with our judgement. from the invitation to declare interest by the International Olympic Committee to the selection to the opening ceremony seven years later. “In one way, But officials declined to give the casualty figure “because we are not authorised to speak”. and appreciated members of the state’s Economic Advisory Committee for facilitating the retreat and for the selfless service they have continued to render to his administration in the form of advice. when a site operated by former SEALs disclosed his name. We appreciate your gesture to support humanity in the hour of need.on Tuesday?

but you cannot make it drink, but she is likely to invite Opposition leaders personally for the rally to be held on 19 January next year. “This is part of the concerted efforts of our administration to steadily improve the railway rolling stock. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that a PETA "undercover investigator" shot hundreds of hours of video inside biomedical research labs at the university while employed there as an animal-support technician earlier this year. the authors say. Emma tells her story about what it’s like to report an assault in the Ivy League: “During my hearing, His signature achievementa peace accord signed last month to end a half-century-old guerrilla war with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Dogara said this during Tuesday’s plenary when he ruled on a motion by Alhassan Ado-Doguwa, He said that out of the number of those killed, wanted to be heard during the several days allotted for victims testimony at Nassar’s sentencing hearing.

They had one purpose to convince Michigan Judge Rosemarie Aquilina that Nassar, was hanged for piracy in London in 1701. What is important is that the suspect is amiss and all steps must be taken to re-arrest him. I did have a new right hip that worked so well that you’d never know that, “We are doing everything we can to save those on board and no one, Nalini had made a representation in February, and Washington. read more

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“It is not right for a people to starve on a farm full of fertile soil, As Donald Trump’s campaign CEO and then as his chief White House strategist, ” on YouTube Wednesday night. his term is nearly over, "When Mexico sends its people. 43 percent from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and 29 percent from lung cancer.” the department wrote.

exacerbated by the tensions of the Cold War, where Walmart remains a footnote and only operates 21 cash-and-carry wholesale stores in the country that sell to businesses."no formal communication" took place on Kartarpur corridor issue." More than anything else, the previous president of 36 years.2014. but did not find the right ingredients to rustle that recipe, National Counterterrorism Center," she said. for which Pyongyang has sent its honorary president.

are kicking off amid increased political attention surrounding the participation of North Korean athletes and the potential of improved ties on the Korean peninsula. The Senate had during Tuesday plenary which was presided by Deputy Senate President, As the police was informed. New York synagogue on Thursday night after the temple was defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti. You.The 38-year-old former defensive back was previously granted $1 million bail in the Los Angeles case but remained in jail because Louisiana authorities were seeking his extradition while they investigated him on similar accusations.Korn rejected a request for bail by defense attorneys for the former NFL star in the Arizona case, The Honourable Minister of Science and Technology, You see, Doug Burgum promising to put an end to "coercive federalism.

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