MH17 anniversary: EU says Russia must accept responsibility

first_imgWreckage from MH17. Photo: Joint Investigation Team The European Union has marked the fifth anniversary of the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 with a renewed call for Russia to accept responsibility for its role in the tragedy.The call comes as relatives of those killed in the atrocity penned a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin demanding that he end the “denials deceit and lies” and some signatories delivered it to the Russian consular officer in Sydney.The letter accuses the Russian government of hiding the truth and demands that those directly responsible for the crime, along with those in the chain of command,  be held to account.Russia has repeatedly denied involvement in the shooting down of the Boeing 777 with 298 passengers and crew on board as it crossed Ukrainian airspace while traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on July 17, 2014.It has had surprising support for Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad, who has claimed Russia is being made a scapegoat and that the prosecutions are political.This is despite extensive evidence gathered by the multi-national Joint Investigation Team that has led to three Russians and a Ukranian being charged with the murder of those on board.The EU council reiterated its full support “for all efforts to establish truth, justice and accountability for the victims and their next of kin”.“In this context, the EU welcomes the announcement by the Joint Investigation Team on 19 June 2019 that criminal charges will be brought in the Netherlands against four individuals,’’ it said.“The EU calls on Russia to accept its responsibility and cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation. The EU expresses its full confidence in the independence and professionalism of the legal procedures that lie ahead.”READ Russian role in MH17 “deeply immoral”, says PompeoThe three Russians were named as Igor Vsevolodovich Girkin (48), Sergey Nikolayevich Dubinskiy  (56) and Oleg Yuldashevich Pulatov (52). The Ukranian is Leonid Volodymyrovych Kharchenko (47).The JIT has shown that MH17 was downed by a Russian-made BUK missile and the Dutch Public Prosecution Service alleges the four men cooperated to obtain and deploy the BUK TELAR that launched the missile at MH17 at the firing location with the aim of shooting down an aircraft.Under Dutch law, that means they can be held jointly accountable for downing flight MH17 even if that was not their intention.The men will be prosecuted for causing the crash of the Boeing 777 and the death of all those under one section of Dutch law and their murder under another.The trial will start on March 9, 2020, before the District Court of The Hague at the Schiphol Judicial Complex.The charges are the result of a long-running investigation that saw the JIT announce in 2016 MH17 was shot down by a missile from the 9M38 series and the BUK TELAR system from which it was launched was transported from the Russian Federation to an agricultural field near the town of Pervomaiskyi in Eastern Ukraine.READ:  Social media helps MH17 investigators identify Russian Army unit.It was from here, investigators say,  the missile was launched and, after firing, it returned to the Russian Federation with one missile missing.Last year, The JIT concluded the BUK TELAR used to shoot down MH17 came from the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade, a unit of the Russian armed forces from Kursk in the Russian Federation.The charges do not mean an end to the investigation and the JIT has yet to publicly identify who actually launched the missile.last_img read more

What Does that Hashtag Mean? New Service Tells You

first_imgGuide to Performing Bulk Email Verification sarah perez If you’re a pro Twitterer, skip ahead to details about the new hashtag resource.About HashtagsHashtags in Twitter are a community-driven convention for adding metadata to your tweets. They were originally developed to create groups on Twitter for tracking a topic. Initially, they only worked in combination with a service from which provides real-time hashtag tracking. All you had to do was opt-in by following Twitter user @hashtags.Now, with Twitter’s purchase of search engine Summize, Twitter itself tracks hashtags at The engine can actually track keywords too, making hashtags not quite as necessary for trend tracking as they were in the past. However, hashtags still have their advantages – you know that anyone tagging their tweet with one of these acronyms means for it to get categorized within that topic. It also serves as a visual indicator to others following their Twitter stream that they’re tweeting about a particular subject. The basic structure of a hashtag is simple: it’s the pound sign (#) followed by an acronym or word. For example, the hashtag #sxsw recently appeared for tracking the annual festival in Austin, Texas called South by Southwest. But What Does that Hashtag Mean?The problem for new Twitter users (and many old pros too) is that the use of hashtags has become so prevalent that it’s hard to keep track of what they all stand for. And with new ones popping up every day for the most obscure of subjects, there’s no way to guess at their meaning. Sometimes, even hot topics get tagged with odd hashtags that may leave you scratching your head. Did you know, for instance, that the tag #nSOTU is used for tracking any Presidential speech from Barack Obama that’s Not the State of the Union address? Although you can still look up a particular hashtag at, the site doesn’t explain what the tag means. (It does, however, point you to photos, videos, and links in addition to tracking the stream.) But if you just want to know what the heck people are talking about, a new resource may be a better option for you: Tagalus, a service that defines hashtags. Think of it as a hashtag dictionary. You can use Tagalus to understand what hashtags mean and see the latest tweets surrounding that subject. Tags:#Product Reviews#twitter#web So you’ve joined Twitter and have finally started to get the hang of things. You know to put an “@” sign in front of usernames for public replies and you know how to send private messages with a “d.” You filled out your profile and have mastered the art of TinyURLs. You even found some interesting people to follow and have started conversations with them. There’s just one thing holding you back from complete Twittervana: those odd-looking abbreviations in people’s tweets preceded by the pound sign (#). Congratulations, you’ve stumbled upon the Twitter hashtag, a tracking tool for Twitter topics. But what do they mean? Related Posts center_img Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit How to Use TagalusTagalus lets users vote on definitions for tags if there’s more than one version. The definition with the most votes will be the one that defines the tag. As you invent new tags or if you just want to help build the resource, all you have to do is send a tweet to @tagalus to suggest a meaning for a tag. The format for doing so is as follows:Example: @tagalus define mynewtag as a new tag that describes everything about meIf you want to know what a tag means, you can also ask @tagalus. The format for this is: @tagalus define ______.Example: @tagalus define ip4In this example, Tagalus would respond:ip4 = Ignite Portland 4 – a “hipster event” according to KGWThe Tagalus APIThe ProgrammableWeb blog also notes that Tagalus has an API which developers could use to build hashtag defining functionality into their Twitter client applications. That would make the service even more useful to the Twitter community, so we hope developers take notice and do just that. last_img read more

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