Flappy Bird game injected into Super Mario World on unmodded SNES

first_imgFlappy Bird is notorious for “borrowing” certain elements from the Super Mario Bros. series, most notably the games’ green warp pipes. It’s ironic then that someone would go and insert Flappy Bird into Super Mario World. This wasn’t done with an emulator or with hacked equipment, which makes the entire endeavor that much more mind-blowing.Speedrunner and Minecraft builder Sethbling accomplished this feat with an un-modded Super Nintendo system and an un-modded Super Mario World game cartridge. Though he did have to use two multitaps in order to allow multiple controllers to be connect, he used stock equipment. With all of his equipment set, he was able to write processor instructions to the SNES’s memory. Doing this, he injected code for Flappy Bird into the game. This is impressive enough on its own, but the fact that it was all done in 53 minutes make it that much more special (and bonkers).What we see here is basically an extended glitch run. Sethbling glitched the game to create around three hours on the level timer and then followed that up with another series of glitches that allowed source code to be written in the game’s unused RAM locations. Completing these two steps took about twenty minutes. He then entered 331 bytes of code into the system memory by utilizing a series of movements by Mario. After doing this for around thirty minutes, he was able to successfully boot up a version of Flappy Bird that was based around Mario’s swimming animation.There’s not much else left to say other than Sethbling is a mad genius. This is some truly spectacular stuff.last_img

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