Mint Teas pot smoking tent raises legal issues

first_imgState officials say Mint Tea’s one-of-a-kind cannabis smoking tent in downtown Vancouver is illegal, but whether local law enforcement will do anything to shut it down is another story. The restaurant held the city’s first public “cannabis friendly” event on Saturday night, with dozens of customers showing up to enjoy a little live music, dance in colorful costumes or smoke some marijuana in celebration of the new moon and Leo, the zodiac sign. Overall, it was a peaceful night with not a single visit from police, said Jenna Eckert, Mint Tea’s co-owner.State liquor authorities are also weighing in on her operation, and Eckert said it might be worth giving up her liquor license to keep the smoking area open. Vancouver Police spokeswoman Kim Kapp said officers would only get involved if they get a call about someone consuming pot on the premises in view of the general public — the only consumption-based restriction laid out in Initiative 502. And Kapp said as far as she knows, the department has had no such reports lately.Another problem for Eckert, however, is a state Liquor Control Board rule drafted last year barring any place with a liquor license from allowing marijuana consumption on the premises, agency spokesman Brian Smith explained.last_img

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