Bungie Says it Betrayed Players With Destiny 2s Secret XP System

first_img As if the recent controversy surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront II wasn’t enough, there’s even more drama  surrounding another big game: Destiny 2.This week, players on Reddit discovered that Destiny 2 reduces the amount of XP earned if one levels up too quickly. After reaching level 20, players earn bright engrams whenever they fill their XP bar. Bright engrams are purchasable with real-world money — leading some to believe earning XP is slowed to encourage players to buy them. Developer Bungie fully acknowledged this XP scaling system and quickly disabled it. Now, the studio has issued a statement where it apologizes for betraying players’ trust.“With Destiny 2’s console and PC launches behind us, we want to take some time to talk with you about Destiny 2 – specifically where it’s at today, and where it’s going,” said Bungie on its website. “Our team has been reading feedback and working on updates to improve the game. We’ve also been reading some tough criticism about our lack of communication, and we agree we need to be more open.“Going forward, Destiny 2’s post-launch game systems, features, and updates are being designed specifically to focus on and support players who want Destiny to be their hobby – the game they return to, and a game where friendships are made. We want Destiny to be a game that fits into your life, providing you with reasons to log in and play with your friends, clans, and families. We want Destiny to be a world you want to be a part of.”Bungie ended the post by saying: “We know it’s frustrating when there isn’t enough of a dialog with the development team. You have our commitment that we’re going to do a better job going forward.”Hopefully, this update will bring lapsed players back into the fold. I personally dropped Destiny 2 once I hit a wall after reaching level 270. With XP scaling fixed, I’ll consider going back to see if I can hit 280 or 290 and try the raid. The Curse of Osiris expansion is just around the corner, so this XP fix certainly hits at an opportune time. Destiny 2: Warmind is More of the SameThe Current State of Destiny 2 Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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