Leaked Nexus 4 with Android 43 reveals new features coming

first_imgIt looks like Samsung isn’t the only one with slippery fingers when it comes to the next version of Android. A new Nexus 4 build have been leaked that contains features not seen yet.The Android 4.3 build for the Google Play edition Samsung Galaxy S4 gave us plenty to think about for the next version of Android. Instead of a new UI, feature overhaul, or mind blowing performance increases, Android 4.3 looks like an attempt to refine and polish the Android we already know and love. An improved WiFi and Bluetooth stack, with minor feature improvements to make the overall experience better, is a great example. The goal is to make the OS work harder for the developers, so new experiences can be delivered from other places. With this new leak, it looks like we’ll also see improvements to the multi-user system and at least one new app included with the Nexus line.As much as one leak can confirm another, the matching build numbers between the Galaxy S4 GPe and the Nexus 4 leaks seem to heavily suggest that we’re looking at legitimate builds of the next version of Android. The same basic changes exist in this Nexus 4 build, including the WiFi scanning when the radio is technically off and Bluetooth 4.0 LE profiles. New in this Nexus 4 leak is the inclusion of Google Keep, the digital Post-it note app that was released earlier this year. Keep will likely be preloaded on all Nexus devices moving forward, syncing to Google Drive as you login for the first time.The Google Play Store for this version is slightly different as well, according to Android Police. On devices with multiple accounts, it looks like there will be a master user who will have control over the additional users on a given device. This new feature allows the master user to control the Play Store access of the limited access users, possibly by limiting by rating or just denying access altogether. Either way, it’s clear Google plans to continue enhancing the multi-user experience on Android with this next version.last_img

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