Lessons from Down Under: Three Master Winemakers share their COVID Harvest…

first_imgFacebook Home Wine Business Editorial WIN Webinars Lessons from Down Under: Three Master Winemakers share their COVID Harvest Experience…Wine Business EditorialWIN WebinarsLessons from Down Under: Three Master Winemakers share their COVID Harvest Experience (Webinar)By Editor – May 28, 2020 335 0 Previous articleBuena Vista Winery & Deloach Vineyards Reopen for Food & Wine Experiences, Raymond Vineyards to Open for Sales, JCB Village in Yountville ReopensNext articleJordan Winery Reopens for Outdoor Food & Wine Pairings on June 11 Editor Share TAGSAustraliaCOVID-19Dan DuckleDomaine ChandonDown UnderGiesen New ZealandHarvestJamie GilchristJeremy DineenJosef ChromyMelbourneNikolai St. GeorgeSouthern HemisphereTasmaniaVintraceWIN WebinarsWine BusinessWinebiz Linkedin Pinterest Email ReddIt AdvertisementUpdate: Follow-Up Q&A from the Live BroadcastAustralia and New Zealand went into COVID-19 lockdown on March 23, right in the middle of Harvest. This webinar is a rare opportunity to hear, first hand, from three master winemakers who, without warning, had to navigate harvest with the sudden lockdown restrictions. These winemakers share their experience, insights, and lessons learned with Jamie Gilchrist, Co-Founder and Director of Sales, vintrace wine production software, based in Melbourne, Australia.Join us during this free webinar to hear Jamie Gilchrist, Jeremy Dineen, Nikolai St George, and Dan Buckle reflect on:What they would have done differently if they had time to prepare (COVID restrictions went into place after harvest had begun)How they enacted social distancing and its effect on harvestThe role technology playedAnd other questions about the extraordinary circumstances they facedJamie GilchristModerated by:Jamie GilchristCo-Founder, Chief Sales Officer / vintraceCo-Founder and Sales Director of vintrace wine production software, based in Melbourne, Australia. Jamie will share the interviews, add his perspective, and participate in a Q&A.Winemaker Panel:Jeremy DineenWinemaker & General Manager / Josef Chromy, TasmaniaJeremy DineenBorn and bred in Tasmania, Jeremy Dineen has been at the helm of Josef Chromy Wines since its inception in 2005.Hand-picked by Josef to lead his namesake business, Josef Chromy Wines has since grown into one of Tasmania’s most successful wine businesses, producing premium estate wines, and offering contract winemaking services. Prior to this, Jeremy had already developed an intimate knowledge of Tasmanian viticulture, and the complexities associated with contract winemaking, during five vintages at Hood Wines in southern Tasmania with 38 vineyards under his care.Nikolai St GeorgeChief Winemaker / Giesen, New ZealandNikolai St GeorgeNikolai St George leads Giesen’s winemaking team ensuring they offer a suite of wines for wine lovers across the world to enjoy. Nikolai joined Giesen in early 2016 bringing with him three consecutive ‘Winemaker of the Year’ titles: New Zealand Royal Easter Wine Show 2015 and 2013 and the 2014 New Zealand International Wine Show.Originally from the King Country, Nikolai’s winemaking career has taken him around New Zealand and the world – including stints in Chile, France, Australia, and the United States.Dan BuckleWinemaking Director / Domaine Chandon, AustraliaDan BuckleIt might not be that surprising that Dan wound up in the wine industry. With his father owning his own vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula, Dan planted, pruned, and picked throughout his teenage years, and beyond.After jumping into the restaurant and bar world, Dan studied for a Bachelor of Applied Science in Wine. It’s a tale of wanderlust from there, moving between vintages in Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne, and years at Coldstream Hills, Yering Station, and Mount Langi Ghiran.Dan has been Winemaking Director at Domaine Chandon since 2012, where he guides the style of the winery’s méthode traditionnelle sparkling wines.Update: Follow-Up Q&A from the Live BroadcastQ: Any advice on distance on the sorting table? Ours is pretty tight.A: We don’t have a sorting table, but you could look at Perspex screens from each side to reduce droplet transmission. There are similar issues with bottling lines.Q: Did anyone wear masks or just rely on the 6ft rule?A: Just distancing.Q: Did you have to stagger breaks more so there were fewer people in break rooms? Or did you make additional break room space?A: Yes – both. Expanded the outside area to allow for distancing across a larger table.Q: Did you have workers wear masks? What type? Was there a difference in protocol between indoor and outdoor activities?A: No masks. Outdoor transmission is less likely.Q: How do you handle shoveling tanks if you typically put more than one person in the tank to shovel?A: Consider other methods, like jetting the marc out. We have other workplace restrictions on both confined space and manual handling which have caused us to reconsider digging out vessels.Q: How were you able to keep it paperless?A: By using vintrace app on iPads.Q: Not sure why you couldn’t get out to vineyards… by yourself if necessary?A: Yes, we did this. Avoids boring conversations with growers too!Q: What was the protocol on wearing masks and gloves for everyone on the teams during their shifts working together inside the winery?A: No masks no gloves. Gloves are a false PPE if you then touch a contaminated surface and touch your face the glove doesn’t help much. We gave everyone a spray bottle of 70% ethanol, they spray everything they touch before and after. Gets easier with time.Q: What were your preferred digital tool for harvest management, tracking, and team communications?A: Combination of mobile phones, vintrace, and Microsoft teams. Teams for zoom and group chats, vintrace for all grape and wine stuff. We made a commitment to use vintrace product notes every time we tasted a juice/wine/fruit sample, helps when you can’t taste together to build up the volume of “impressions”. Simple notes like “could make an excellent Vintage BdN – do not blend”. You could probably do this with an excel file but it works easily on vintrace.Q: I would love to hear any recommendations for smaller teams that need to work all as one shift. Thanks!A: If you can, consider housing the whole team onsite for the critical period, so that the whole team is effectively isolated and cannot get infected. Establish new protocols for external parties coming to the winery (if they have to come at all), like truck drivers do not leave their truck cabin etc.Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

Five Lenexa parks are getting new playground gear. Here’s a look at the updates

first_imgTamarisk Park is one of five parks in Lenexa that will be getting new playground equipment. All images courtesy city of Lenexa.Five of Lenexa’s neighborhood parks will get new playground equipment through an agreement between the city and Lenexa-based Athco LLC, unanimously approved by the City Council this week.The city will pay nearly $550,000 through its capital improvement program to buy the equipment and have Athco install it at Gillette, Heritage Forest, John McNerney, Sar-Ko-Par Trails and Tamarisk parks, according to a Tuesday memo to the council from Parks and Recreation Deputy Director Logan Wagler.Lenexa Parks Superintendent Danny Huntsinger said in an interview that playground equipment in the city’s neighborhood parks (the smaller of which have no parking and are also called pocket parks) “are past their useful life, and we’re going to bring in something fresh.” Neighborhood park playgrounds should last from 18 to 20 years, he said, and they provide meaningful benefits for the community.“Parks are heavily used and a big draw,” Huntsinger said. “I really love seeing families interact with one another, parents and kids alike. That’s one good thing about a playground. They really interact unlike anywhere else. It’s typically a little more relaxed play and enjoyable for everybody.”Some of the parks’ planned new and remaining playground features, according to Huntsinger:Gillette (91st Street and Noland Road; 1.3 acres)Traditional swings will remain. The current playground equipment is 18 years old.Here’s a look at the current set up:And the planned update:Heritage Forest (83rd Street and Pflumm Road; 46.6 acres)The playground will remain without traditional swings but will have a mix of traditional and non-traditional features. The current playground is on south side of 87th street and not very visible; the new playground will be moved to north side of 87th. The current playground equipment is 21 years old.Here’s a look at the current set up:And the planned update:John McNerney (Pennycross Road near 98th Street and Pflumm; 0.2 acres)Traditional swings will remain. The current playground equipment is 18 years old.Here’s a look at the current set up:And the planned update:Sar­Ko­Par Trails (87th Street Parkway and Lackman Road; 50.9 acres)The playground will undergo the biggest makeover of the five and become a “destination playground.” It has traditional swings, which will be replaced. The new equipment will meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) for accessibility. The playground will have an elevated playground tower overlooking the pond. And it will have the first swing in any Lenexa park on which adults and children can swing at the same time. The current playground equipment is 16 years old.Here’s a look at the current set up:And the planned update:Tamarisk (9018 Swarner Drive; 1 acre)The new playground equipment will have more features, including climbing ropes that will be more challenging for children, a playhouse surrounded by artificial turf for 2-to-5-year-olds and ADA-accessible features. The current playground equipment is 19 years old.Here’s a look at the current set up:And the planned update:Landcape Structures Inc., based in Delano, Minn., manufactures the equipment, Huntsinger said. Athco has a cooperative purchasing agreement with the state of Kansas, won through a competitive bid process, for the purchase and installation of all public playground equipment in the state.last_img read more

HFO with Scrubbers will have positive effect on CO2 Emissions

first_imgAfter detailing findings from research involving full scale testing on a number of newbuild vessels, Dr Lindstad told CSA 2020 that: “[Studies] indicate that two-stroke engines with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and scrubbers represent the most cost- and GHG-effective way of meeting both IMO Tier 3 NOx rules and the 2020 sulphur cap. (Image Courtesy: Radio Canada International) Ian Adams, CSA2020 Executive Director, said the industry has long realised that there is an energy penalty differential in the production of fuels. Author: Baibhav Mishra Members of the Clean Shipping Alliance 2020 have welcomed a new addition to the canon of scientific literature relating to exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), the latest of which indicates that continued use of residual fuels with a scrubber can help towards global CO2 reduction. In a study published in June by Norway’s SINTEF, one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations, Chief Scientist Dr Elizabeth Lindstad concluded that from well-to-wake the continued use of HSFO or HFO (heavy fuel oil) with an EGCS is the most environmentally beneficial means of meeting global Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets. Dr Lindstad also believes that emissions abatement rules need to be reviewed to consider pollution problems in different areas. “This study provides further scientific evidence that both local SOx and NOx to air and global CO2 emissions will be reduced by the expanded use of HFO with exhaust gas cleaning systems in the marine fleet, with benefits to the marine and port environments and, of course, human health.”center_img Sea News, August 13 “Using higher sulphur fuels with an exhaust gas cleaning system will have a beneficial impact on the global reduction of sulphur and nitrogen oxides emissions, and also on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,” said Adams. Dr Lindstad stated that based on the energy consumed during the global production of distillate fuels, the continued use of residual fuel will have a positive impact on global GHG emissions, given the energy required to produce distillates would result in higher levels of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. “To meet climate targets, i.e. reduce global GHG emissions, we can no longer afford to have standards that are strict in areas where we do not have local pollution problems, while areas with high pollution may need even stricter rules than today,” Dr Lindstad told CSA 2020. “With new modern refineries set up to convert crude into higher priced products, HSFO will, from 2020, be delivered from existing refineries where its share of energy consumption can be considered to be next to nothing. The explanation is that the heavy bunker oil coming out from the refinery is the bottom of the barrel. If we acknowledge the lower energy consumption in delivering HSFO and deduct the refining we get 9 to 10g of CO2 equivalent per MJ for HFO, rather than 13 to 15 of CO2 equivalent per MJ for LSFO/MGO.” But that’s not all: according to Adams there is also a significant benefit from reduced particulates in emissions. “With reduced particulates in exhaust emissions of 75% or more, the combination of dramatically reduced SOx and particulates makes a big difference in improved air quality and lower health risks,” he said.last_img read more

iPhone and iPad with iOS 4 records your moves wvideo

first_img Explore further There is also no evidence that indicates that this data is leaving your phone and being viewed by anyone. Pete Warden has built an application that will allow anyone with an iPhone or iPad, using iOS 4, to view the data being stored (see more information below). According to the Guardian, all your locations are logged to a file called “consolidated.db” and contain latitude and longitude coordinates along with a timestamp. The file can contain tens of thousands of data points since iOS 4’s release in June 2010. Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan, founder of Data Science Toolkit, discovered the file and presented their findings today to the Where 2.0 conference in San Francisco. Alasdair has also looked into Google’s Android phones for similar tracking code and could not find any. It’s not sure why Apple is collecting this data but it’s clearly intentional because the data is being restored across backups and phone migrations. Apple’s Product Security team was contacted but no one has responded. In the following video Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan discuss how the file was discovered and exam the data in the file. Germany warns of Apple security problem (PhysOrg.com) — Security researchers have discovered that any iPhone or iPad that has been updated with iOS 4 records everywhere you have been to a secret file. The file is also copied to the owner’s computer whenever the two are synchronized. Researchers have raised privacy fears with the latest discovery: any iPhone or iPad with iOS 4 can track your whereabouts by recording your latitude and longitude coordinates along with a timestamp. Apple was contacted but has not responded to any inquires. Map displays a visualization of iPhone data collection. Credit: O’Reilly radar. More information: Guardian, iPhone tracker Citation: iPhone and iPad with iOS 4 records your moves (w/video) (2011, April 20) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-04-iphone-ipad-ios-wvideo.html © 2010 PhysOrg.com This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Exploring myriad styles of printmaking art

first_imgArt is expressed in different ways and formats in different mediums. In a unique group exhibition titled ‘Pure Concept’, contemporary artists will come together and showcase the art of printmaking in the national Capital. The artists who will participate are Akbar Padamsee, Anupam Sud, Arpana Caur, Ghulam Mohammed Sheikh, Haku Shah, Jyoti Bhatt, K. Laxma Goud, KG Subramanyam, KS Radhakrishnan, Lalu Prasad Shaw, Rameshwar Broota, Rini Dhumal, Sakti Burman, Shahid Pervez and Thota Vaikuntam. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Priyank Jain, Director, Dhoomimal.com said, “Printmaking is a complex and highly technical process that needs great patience, skill, dedication and competence making it an altogether specialised study. Prints are made only by artists who have knowledge of the technique, not easily understood by the uninitiated viewer.”There are several varieties of original prints like lithograph, woodcut, engraving, intaglio, etching, serigraph and many more, each with its own characteristics and must be selected with the conceived results in mind. The virtue of etching for instance, is its wide tonal range including velvety dark shades not possible in some of the other techniques. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAnupam Sud  found inspiration in both male and female sexuality and identities. Overt takes on social issues are seldom found in Sud’s art, and her figures are often self-absorbed and brooding. However, through symbolism and metaphor Sud engages with socially relevant themes, and moody depictions of interrelations between the sexes are a favorite topic in her work. Sud’s etchings are made with the use of zinc plates, a difficult medium that requires both patience and precision. Jyoti Bhatt  moved from a cubist influence in his early work, to a lighthearted and colorful pop art that often drew its imagery from traditional Indian folk designs. Though Bhatt worked in a variety of mediums, including watercolors and oils, it is his printmaking that ultimately garnered him the most attention. It was partially Bhatt’s enthusiasm for intaglio that caused other artists such as Jeram Patel, Bhupen Khakhar and Gulammohammed Sheikh, to take up the same process. Rini Dhumal’s work is characterised by her very varied choice of materials and colors. She is just at home painting with acrylic paints on glass as she is with creating a black and white linocut. Rameshwar Broota is known for his paintings of male bodies, both muscular and emaciated, testament to the passage of time. Over the years, Broota has perfected his unique technique in which he first applies layers of different coloured paints on the surface and then meticulously scrapes away the upper layers of the painting with a sharp knife, to literally unearth his luminous images.When: Dec 8 to 17Where: Shridharani Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, Copernicus MargTimings: 11am-7pmlast_img read more

7 arrested in connection with TMC supporters bullet injury

first_imgKolkata: Seven persons were arrested in connection with the incident in which a Trinamool Congress supporter was shot at near Khoirasole in Birbhum.According to the police, the accused were known to be CPI(M) supporters and arrested on the basis of a preliminary investigation. The arrested persons were remanded to 14-day judicial custody after being produced before court. Trinamool Congress supporter Seikh Afjal was shot at on Monday. He was admitted to a hospital with severe injuries. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeA police officer said chaos broke out after a rally at Khoirasole when Afjal was shot at. Afjal was passing by when the trouble broke out and CPI(M) workers allegedly attacked the Trinamool Congress workers. All of a sudden they opened fire at Afjal who received bullet injuries in his stomach. Locals went to the spot and found Afjal lying in a pool of blood. Police also went to the spot and took him to a hospital where he was provided with necessary treatment. Subsequently, police initiated a probe in this connection and later arrested seven persons. Policemen were posted at the spot to avoid further deterioration of the law and order situation in the area.last_img read more

Unsung heroes of Austria India

first_imgDelhi Tourism along with Austrian Cultural Forum of the Austrian Embassy, New Delhi has embarked upon to present an unusual touring exhibition which attempts to project the life stories of important Austrian and Indian women of the past 200 years. “Women have far too often been forgotten, overlooked and marginalised irrespective of a period, geographical borders, and cultures. But yet their lives and their works have been found quite exemplary and a source of growth, development, expansion, and improvement of the society in general,” the Delhi Tourism said in a statement. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfProjecting these unsung women champions from Austria and India together in full knowledge of inevitable gaps, the exhibition, “Inspiring Women Austria-India” (Calliope Austria) representing almost the same period, was inaugurated in the Capital on August 25 jointly by Brigitte Oeppinger-Walchshofer, Ambassador of Austria and Varsha Joshi, Secretary (Tourism), Government of Delhi.In order to reach out to the public at large, this exhibition has been envisaged to be kept away from the conventional walled galleries and venues and to showcase the same in public spaces. The Exhibition will be on view on the following dates and Venues at:August 28 and August 29 at Dilli Haat, PitampuraAugust 30 and August 31 at Dilli Haat, JanakpuriSeptember 1 and September 2 at Garden of Five SensesThis touring exhibition will also be exhibited outside Delhi, in other states of India.last_img read more

Presenting dav1d a new lightweight AV1 decoder by VideoLAN and FFmpeg

first_imgOn Monday, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, the president of VideoLAN introduced a new AV1 decoder, named dav1d. This open source decoder aims to be small, fast, maintainable, correctly threaded, and cross-platform. What is AV1? AV1, short for AOMedia Video 1, is a new royalty-free video coding format designed for video transmissions over the internet. It is being developed by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) composed of most of the important Web companies including YouTube, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, and Microsoft, among others. Back in September, the YouTube Developers account published a playlist of the first videos to receive AV1 transcodes. Technical details of dav1d The following are the technical details about dav1d: It is written in C99 without VLAs. This facilitates portability as some compilers still haven’t implemented VLAs. It has asm in NASM/GAS syntax. It uses Meson/Ninja as build system. Meson and Ninja are open source build systems which are meant to be extremely fast. It supports x86, x64, ARMv7, ARMv8 architectures. It runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS making it cross-platform. It is released under BSD, so that it can be embedded anywhere, including non-open-source software; or even drivers, for hybrid decoders. Performance details of dav1d Currently, the reference decoder (libaom) for AV1 requires a lot of improvement as it is a research codebase. That is why, the VideoLAN and FFmpeg communities have come together to work on this new decoder, sponsored by the Alliance of Open Media. This project is partially funded by the Alliance for Open Media/AOM and is supported by TwoOrioles and VideoLabs. To show the performance improvements that dav1d comes with, the developers compared it with libaom: Smaller source code: The source code of dav1d is 1/10th of lines of code compared to libaom. Smaller binary size: Its weight is 1/3rd of the binary size of libaom. Smaller runtime memory footprint: The memory footprint of dav1d is 1/4th of memory footprint of libaom Stack usage is minimal: It uses a very limited amount of stack (about 1 KB). Faster than libaom 1.0.0, slower than libaom HEAD: Depending on the threads conditions it is approximately faster than libaom 1.0.0, but slower than libaom HEAD. You can find the source code of dav1d at VideoLAN website. Read more about dav1d at Jean-Baptiste Kempf’s website and also watch this presentation at Video Dev Days 2018. Read Next YouTube starts testing AV1 video codec format, launches AV1 Beta Playlist A new Video-to-Video Synthesis model uses Artificial Intelligence to create photorealistic videos Facebook Watch is now available world-wide challenging video streaming rivals, YouTube, Twitch, and morelast_img read more

Up to 60 off fall travel with Sunwing Vacations Beach Blowout Sale

first_img Share Monday, August 8, 2016 << Previous PostNext Post >> Posted by Travelweek Group center_img Up to 60% off fall travel with Sunwing Vacations’ Beach Blowout Sale Tags: Promotions, Sunwing TORONTO — Sunwing Vacations’ Beach Blowout Sale offers savings worth up to 60% off until Aug. 12.The promotion applies to all-inclusive packages in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America with departure dates throughout September and October.Among the featured resorts, the family-friendly Starfish Cayo Santa Maria combines a beachfront location on the longest white sand beach in the Cuba keys with a wide range of activities for kids including mini-bowling, a complimentary children’s and teens club and water sports.All vacation packages come with return flights on Sunwing Airlines with Champagne Service including a free glass of sparkling wine, tea and coffee and non-alcoholic beverage service and in-flight entertainment, and an included 23kg baggage allowance.last_img read more

Expedia CruiseShipCenters hits the 5000 mark

first_img Posted by Tags: Expedia CruiseShipCenters Friday, June 30, 2017 Travelweek Group VANCOUVER — The number of Expedia CruiseShipCenters vacation consultants has surpassed the 5,000 mark across North America.Building on momentum in the retail travel industry, Expedia CruiseShipCenters President Matthew Eichhorst said the company is looking to add 1,400+ more new consultants by the end of this year.“Through our personalized service and expert advice, we have been helping clients navigate through the overwhelming amount of travel options to choose the right vacation for their needs. The demand for service such as this continues to grow,” he said.A study by American Express Spending and Saving Tracker shows that between 2015 and 2016, consumer use of travel agents was up nearly 80%. “As consumers continue to reap the benefits of using a travel agent, Expedia CruiseShipCenters is building on this momentum and looking to add more than 1,400 new Vacation Consultants by the end of 2017,” said Eichhorst.last_img read more