“Bismil” : A forgotten pawn in the limelight of rooks and bishops

first_imgShaheed Ram Prasad Bismil (1897-1927) freedom fighter, revolutionary, leader and a poet are few of the many traits of this son of Bharat Mata who gave up his life selflessly fighting for the freedom we enjoy today. Sometimes when I read about him, it is like my mind entangles thinking about the choices they made with their life. It makes me think even deeply that, was the freedom worth thousands of youthful lives who would embrace death with such ease. Perhaps the answer is yes.However, the bigger question the ones who are enjoying this luxury for which numerous lives were sacrificed deserve their sacrifices. I know most of us to take this as rhetoric and comfortably overlook to lead our daily lives. Another question is what is the freedom that we are enjoying today. Is it the freedom from British that our revolutionaries gave life for. Was the idea of freedom so parochial when they decided to fight the mighty colonial powers? The answer to this is subjective as their reasons and thoughts are better known to them. However, if we read the thoughts of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh he conceptualized freedom as one free from exploitation of all sorts be it political, social, or economic. Our Constitution also talks about freedom as envisaged by Bhagat Singh ji for our countrymen.Now the question is have we achieved freedom. I leave this question to the readers who at different strata of society can conceptualize their level of freedom enjoyed by them. However, we need to ask a question to ourselves. Were the British who could be easily differentiated with skin colour and the accent of their voice were the ones who were exploiting our country? If the answer to this is yes then who were the zamindars who collected revenue from peasants on their behalf, who were the policemen cooperating with the British to fight against our revolutionaries. Were they also British or their greed for a few gold coins were British. Should they be given benefit of doubt? Should their betrayal to other countrymen not be questioned given that our countrymen were their brothers with a common motherland? Have our historians been soft at them by not pointing at there coalition with the British to exploit our people? These are the endless questions that ponder in my mind when we study about foreign rule and make them our villains. But are the other coalition partners of the British less villain in our independence story? Certainly, more if we carefully examine the real character of British rule.Were not constitution-makers who made the constitution on the principles of India as an idealistic country aware of the filthy and greedy people who were not so ideal and totally a corrupt lot who were at the helm of affairs at the time of Independence working all the time hand in hand with the British.Thus we understand it that it was not only British who ruled us but it was our countrymen filled with greed and maybe fear of British action ruled us in the disguised in our color and our language. Now the question is after attaining freedom are we free from the corrupt and greedy lot. The answer is perhaps known to all. We take a convenient escape and blame the leaders or political parties and their actions. But are they as powerful as they seem without cooperation from the other countrymen? Are the political leaders and political party not a part of our country. Shall we be ignorant enough to blame the politicians solely for our deeds, corruption, and greed which in no way is different from those who ruled us hand in hand with British?Now the question is how do we attain real freedom as dreamt by Bhagat Singh Ji and our Constitution makers?Has the time come after 100 years or so to lighten the rage and take up arms and lead a revolution? The answer to this is partly yes. We need a revolution but not an armed one. A revolution in our thoughts by each one of us at whichever strata of society we are. This shall be a  revolution of our thoughts where we no longer remain corrupt and bring about a change, new freedom in the lives of those who are yet to attain the real freedom in their lives even after decades of the freedom from British rule. Yes, it is the time to ask ourselves how corrupt we are and in which ways we are facilitating the exploitation of those who are yet to attain freedom.This only can be a real tribute to Shaheed Ram Prasad Bismil who gave up his comforts, family, Career and life for our freedom which I exercise so extravagantly to write this post which was not so easy a 100 years before.last_img read more