Sarko’s manoeuvres

first_imgStealing the scene from Obama was always going to be a challenge, but then along came Merkel…Has Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s president, shot himself in the foot while on military manoeuvres? Sarkozy persuaded German Chancellor Angela Merkel that next April’s NATO summit should be a shared shebang, to mark the (expected) full reintegration of France into NATO command. Merkel agreed that the German town of Kehl would share the honours with Strasbourg, which is across the bridge, on the other side of the Rhine. All very symbolic, but since then Germany has decided that Kehl is simply too small to cope, especially since the NATO summit will feature an early visit to Europe by one Barack Obama. So Merkel has decided that the German action will be shifted to the hospitable spa-town of Baden-Baden. Now Sarkozy is bound, as co-host, to stay in Strasbourg, while everyone else will stay as close to Obama in Baden-Baden as they can get. Can the arch scene-stealer avoid being upstaged? The clock is ticking…last_img read more