Marketing challenges post Covid-19 lockdown

first_imgThe challenges for marketers post Covid-19 lockdown is inevitable. Although most of the businesses have been granted to operate the functioning is again dependent on many factors like customer availability, high demand, digital support. Most of the Kirana Stores are devoid of any digital support and at this point of crisis, they need the support of digital marketplaces where they can maintain their value chain.In the automobile sectors, Maruti and Hyundai have started their operations since May 4, 2020, and begun the order fulfillments. Mahindra has also started with its attractive offers but the customer’s choice of the market is changed now. They prefer online media more than physical owing to safety measures. The marketers who have been running their businesses offline have to comprehend the transition in the market for their better growth.The small businesses may have more challenges than the big setups. The differential offerings in technology may give an advantage to the companies. The economic package announced by Indian Govt. to support the small businesses, banking sector, and support for the poor citizens of the country may prove to be the facilitator to some extent. The white-collared industry workers especially working for hotels and real estate will have to improvise their marketing strategies to restore their capitalization.The impact of Covid-19 may be heavier than the 1929 depression era, the unemployment rate has gone to around 30% as per CMIE report in India and this may grow in the absence of successful revival of businesses. The betterment of the businesses may lead to the recovery of the Indian economy. The blue-collared industry may have the problems of dealing with their issues of labours required for the production work and the customers as well.The Business units have been opened in the green and orange zone in India. But no guarantee of their continuity in the businesses as the fear of Corona may be there in the resources employed in such units. Further any single case of Corona may lead to the stoppage of the businesses. For instance, the oppo factories case where the units got closed owing to the presence of Covid-19 in their employees. It means not only economically the business will be impacted but also their physical unit fitness is under the scanner. The solution to such challenges is to prepare a clear roadmap for the successful functioning of the businesses globally.last_img read more