Maverick Multisport Pro Camp recap

first_imgMichael Folan, President Infinit Nutrition leads a discussion on fuelling properly Interview with Mechanic Peter Reid at VO2 Multisport discussing the new Argon 18 with Enve wheels, Rotor Power, Cobb saddle, Vittoria tires, and Shimano Di2. The Maverick Multisport Elite Team camp took place on 16-18 January 2015 – with a range of activities and individuals present. The full pro style camp showcased Maverick Multisport’s six pros with a full slate of industry experts also attending.Running over three days in Louisville, Kentucky, the event included: photographs; sponsor specific product shots; video; team meals; bike builds and bike fits; lactate threshold testing; live online streaming of a few portions of the event including product testing/bike fit/pro panel; and a community/team roll out A live demo of the BSX Insight Lactate Threshold device Unboxing of the first BSX Insight (lactate threshold device)center_img With six pros on its roster, the Maverick Multisport Elite Team has jumped straight into 2015. In January, the team got together for its Maverick Multisport Pro Camp – and the team organisers have started to release a raft of videos and material to herald the success of the event.“With 4 days of focused photo shoots, bike fits, spin scans, nutritional talks, workouts, team meals, product demos, etc. we have literally got so much material to distribute,” said Chris Hutchens, Team Director.The Maverick Multisport pro athlete roster includes: Jillian Petersen, Lesley Smith, Julie Patterson, Molly Roohi, Mike Hermanson and Justin Metzler. In 2014, the Elite team delivered a number of impressive results: 35 top 10’s = 5.8 per athlete; and 21 top 5’s = 3.5 per athlete.Some of the videos from the Maverick Multisport Elite Team camp released so far include:2015 Maverick Multisport Elite team intro and pro panel Related A look at the Rotor Qrings spin spanlast_img read more

Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 12 episode 9 recap

first_imgRaven roasting herself is an entire mood. 😂 #DragRace— RuPaul’s Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) April 25, 2020 “LOOK OVER THERE!” 😂☝️@jaidaehall @Racheldoesstuff #DragRace— RuPaul’s Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) April 25, 2020 These ladies are lighting up the stage tonight, henny! 🎆 #DragRace— RuPaul’s Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) April 25, 2020 Heading in to the runway, it felt like Jaida was leading the pack and Widow and Gigi could be in trouble.The category for the runway was Stars and Stripes Forever and there was much to like from the seven queens in a strong round. We’ve reached episode 9 of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 12 and in case you missed it, I’m bringing you a handy recap of the goings on.If you want to avoid spoilers for Rupaul’s Drag Race, stop reading now.Last week we said goodbye to one of the favourites, Jan and she even got a little montage at the start of this week’s episode as the other queens talked about her bright, upbeat persona.Moving on to this week and Ru set the girls a quick mini challenge to become Kitty Girl 2020 – an excuse for some product placement from a kitty litter company.  First up was Crystal who playfully knocked over a vase, then came Purrrtha Kitt (Jackie) who rolled her r’s as she had Ru and the other queens laughing.  I think Heidi, Jaida and especially Widow took it too literally as they rolled around with a ball of wool, chased a laser pointer and even pole danced the scratching pole.  Gigi kept it cool as she played a disinterested fashion kitty with a cool edge and in the brief glimpse of Sherry she spat out a fur ball.  Jackie was rightly crowned queen.Ru then announced that this week’s maxi challenge would be a Presidential debate and invited Raven to the Werk Room to advise the girls.  Raven was never a favourite of mine, fashion wise she’s great but I found her a bit bitchy, however in this episode she was incredibly witty and self depreciating.  She gave some good advice to the girls telling them to not take it too seriously and make sure they had a good platform that would allow them to bounce off the hosts.center_img Category is: Stars and Stripes Forever ⭐️🇺🇸Whose patriotic lewk was your favorite? #DragRace— RuPaul’s Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) April 25, 2020First out was Crystal who had thrown together a mish mash of fabrics and prints in red, white and blue complete with a red fedora, blue wig and gorgeous glittery eye make up.  It fit with her hippy aesthetic.  Heidi was next in a sequined short top/dress with red wig and red knee high boots that looked part pageant part Beyonce in Telephone.  Widow brought an interesting twist with a black and white striped body suit with a few giant sparkly, silver stars and a black panthers pose.  Jackie also made a political statement with a red and white striped caftan and a blue starred hijab to show her muslim heritage.  Gigi looked a little costumey for me as she wore a red coat soldier look – fashionably of course.  Sherry gave a street look which was a nice change for her and then came Jaida, or should that be Super J, in her see-through body suit complete with well placed stars and stripes, plus giant shooting star shoulder pads.As Ru and the guest panel gave their critique, Sherry was told to show a different persona in future challenges and Crystal and Heidi were praised for their performances.  Widow got upset and didn’t take her criticism too well feeling like she couldn’t please the judges whatever she did.  Knowing Ru, it was  not a good move for Widow to give back chat.  In contrast, Jackie took criticism for her one-joke Presidential candidate rather well before getting emotional about her  auntie not being able to com to America because of Trump’s travel ban from certain countries.   That’s how you save yourself Widow!Gigi’s outfit excited Carson but the debate performance was a bit frigid.  Jaida received praise for both her look and her Presidential performance with all agreeing she brought the house down.Then came time for Ru to reveal who was top and bottom this week starting with Sherry, Crystal and Heidi being sent to safety.  Jaida was condragulated as this week’s winner (and rightly so) and that left Widow, Jackie and Gigi in the bottom.  Gigi was sent to safety, leaving Widow and Jackie to lip sync to Katy Perry’s Firework. The debate was hosted by Jeff Goldblum and Rachel Bloom and the fun and games began.  Sherry Pie was marginalised again in terms of air time but her cause was about feeding everyone up.  Crystal was all about glitter and had a party mullet going on, clearly playing to her strengths.  Heidi was a sweet, respectable southern Belle; Gigi a fashionista; Widow was stern and fiercesome; Jackie was all about Canada and Jaida was a bitch for the bitches.It’s not the greatest challenge and despite Jeff and Rachel trying to pull it all together, some of it fell flat.  Jackie, who is usually great at these improv comedy challenges seemed to only have one gag (that she was all about Canada) and that quickly became stale.  Plus how did she not use ‘Oh say canada you see’ for her national anthem joke?Gigi also failed to get started.  Her performance was very wooden and unintentionally robotic this time, unlike her brilliant Snatch Game performance.  I still think this competition is hers to lose mind.  Widow took it too literally and was trying to act like a Presidential candidate and unfortunately didn’t have any gags.On the plus side, Jadia played her street ho style candidate well and managed to throw in the art of distraction which played nicely to what most politicians seem to do – avoid the question.  She had Jeff and the other queens laughing along with her.  Personally, I would’ve liked to see more from Heidi.  She acted disgust and shock well when others were talking but didn’t seem to have much to say herself. Widow tried her best but ended up looking a bit pedestrian next to Jackie who won me over straight away by pulling out a plastic bag and chasing it round the stage to the lyric ‘do you ever feel like a plastic bag, blowing through the wind’.  She kept a good balance of comedy and movement going through the song and there could only be one winner.  Jackie was safe and Widow was asked to sashay away.I feel like Widow has had a bit of a journey in this show and hopefully watching it back will make her realise she needs to believe in herself.  As we get closer to the finale my money is still on Gigi for the win but Jaida has definitely elevated herself and could steal it yet.Who do you think will win?  Tell us @EFtelevision.Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 12 is available on Netflix in the UK with new episodes landing each Saturday.Read my Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5,Episode 6, Episode 7 and Episode 8.last_img read more