Blackberry Z10 photo shows iPhone 4S size comparrison

first_imgRIM loyalists have been teased for months on end with the promise that BB10 and new hardware was on its way to rescue the Blackberry platform from that cold dark place it has been for the last few years. Now a leaked photo of the upcoming Blackberry Z10 shows Verizon Wireless branding as well as a comparison with the iPhone 4S.In a few weeks, RIM will hop on stage and show the world what it has been up to for the last two years. This should include a new version of the Blackberry OS that brings the platform up to a competitive level alongside new hardware and, as the image confirms, availability on multiple carriers.The upcoming flagship BB10 phone looks like it will be launching on both AT&T and Verizon Wireless with LTE support on both networks. Of the two, it looks like Verizon was the only company interested in plastering their branding on the front of the phone. Not to worry though, as RIM made sure the Blackberry logo was not only larger but considerably more noticeable.While making sure that there are plenty on interesting features to lure in consumers — like the impressive new keyboard and Blackberry Hub UI — RIM wasted no time in their initial release making it clear who they are targeting. FIPS 140-2 certification makes it possible for government agencies to purchase these phones in bulk and hand them out to employees as the work phone. While most places have at least started to consider the “bring your own device” setup for employees, government agencies still require this certification. Whether or not that is enough for RIM to maintain those relationships is another matter altogether, especially with the work the US government has been putting into a secure Android platform.On January 30th the wait will be over, and Blackberry enthusiasts will have something to celebrate. Having the Z10 show up on both Verizon Wireless and AT&T is a big deal for RIM when it comes to market penetration in the US. With that, the only thing Windows Phone 8 will have to compete with BB10 will be pricing.via Crackberrylast_img read more